Old… It’s ironic how old isn’t ‘old’

It’s ironic how old isn’t ‘old’ since I’m getting older… old is now 150 years. I’m only a little over 1/3 of my way there. *<|;-}])> It’s not my birthday… just thinking out loud. Though if you feel the need to buy me a gift, I won’t feel insulted. Are you looking for an EXTRAORDINARY […]

Children Of The Same Universe…

We are all children of the same brilliant Universe… keep an open heart, a helping hand and have love in your soul. Love is a small word with deep meanings and longings. A marriage is built over a lifetime. I rejoice in being apart of the beginning of a life long love story. The highest […]

Dream, I Have A Dream… Martin Luther King, jr

Dream Monday, January, 18th is Martin Luther King, jr day… I have a dream that one day we will all come together and make MLKjr’s dream a reality! I love being Father Yule for the holidays, I live the spirit of that wonderful, brilliant, jolly old Elf all year long. I would be honored if […]

Hiring Father Yule

Hiring Father Christmas for you Holiday Party… Why I’m a perfect Father Yule… Father Yule, Santa Claus, Father Christmas is in all of us. We all have the magic to become Santa. We all have the magic to make somebody’s holiday. Aren’t the holidays and the rest of the year, all about giving and sharing […]

Events… There Are Many

There are many events in the womb of time, which will be delivered. ~Wm. Shakespeare Events bring people and communities together. What joyous wonder is “Father Yule” John Rakestraw doing this month? Schedule your event with a EXTRAORDINARY Real Bearded Father Yule | Father Christmas | Santa Claus to appear at your company holiday party, […]

Valentine’s Day Gifts… Tried & True OR Boring?

Valentine’s Day is a month away… which means if you haven’t come up with a gift for your love, soulmate, wife or husband you still have time to find that unique, one of a kind, outstanding thingy to surprise your Valentine with. We have all fallen back of the tried and true gifts like… flowers […]

Amazing Gifts… We All Have Them

Amazing gifts can carry us through life easier… find your talent and yet it fill your soul. We all have different amazing gifts, so we all have different brilliant ways of introducing ourselves to this beautiful world… saying “Hello!” Rants of a Sane Man Barking at the Moon I decided the only way to get […]

Holiday Season 2015 is Over… But Not Forgotten

Holiday Season is now over for another year… the Holiday spirit should live in our hearts and souls. The brilliant spirit should warm us all winter long and be a light wonderful wind in the spring. The spirit in summer should shine from us like the brilliant sunlight. The fall leaves cover the cold wet […]