Spirit of Christmas…

Spirit of Christmas live in many forms The spirit of Christmas whispers softly in our souls, “be of good cheer.” What is the spirit of Christmas any way? “Christmas is almost upon us, time to get into the holiday spirit,” I hear this all over when the season is near. It’s almost as if we […]

Magic of the Holiday Season…

Magic… is a lot like how a child listens to their favorite tales. You see all the pleasure in their eyes of how the story begins, the brilliant anticipation of the tales twist and turns, the grand moments of suspense, and the fantastic climax to the story and it’s beautiful ending. The best part is […]

Spontaneous Dance of Joy at Market in Teaneck NJ

Spontaneous Dance is a great way to celebrate… come on everyone start danclng and celebrate with them! Watch this wonderful video of what happened spontaneously at the Cedar market in Teaneck NJ right before closing last December 10th. 2015. The 5th day of Chanukah Posted by StandWithUs

Being Strong Has More To Do With Helping Others…

Being strong has more to do with helping others… then just flexing our muscles. Having a strong character means you are the type of person who stands behinds your beliefs, takes responsibility for your actions and treats people with dignity. Being strong means having self awareness in the face of peer pressure, speaking your mind […]

Holiday Spirit, The Brilliant Joy Of Sharing

Holiday Spirit, as we bring an end to another magic Season this weekend and head back to school and work… I’m reminded that the Santa we see on TV, movies, in the stores and Malls, at parties… isn’t the jolly old eif who lives at the North Pole, they are people who live with the […]