50 Best Super Bowl Commercials

50 Best Super Bowl Commercials that makes watching the game more fun for the fans… even better then the half-time entertainment The Super Bowl has featured the best of the best TV commercials to ever play on game day. So many of them are memorable, whether it’s because they send a strong message, because they’re […]

Super Bowl Commercials

Super bowl commerials are so fun to watch! 2016 airing of the Super Bowl Commercials is just about to happen, and like every year you can get a sneak peak at the funny, teary eyed, and just crazy ads. So far, 41 brands have officially announced their plans to advertise during the Golden Super Bowl.. […]

Oregon Santa for Rent

Oregon Santa for Rent, are you looking for an EXTRAORDINARY Real Bearded Father Yule / Father Christmas / Santa Claus to appear at your company holiday party, community event, home party or on TV or Streaming video (Skype/Google Hangout On Air)? The great fun and experience of having a Oregon Santa for rent come to […]

How to Hire A Santa Claus

How to Hire A Santa Claus… all year is the best time to be jolly, and no one does jolly like that brilliant old elf, Santa. Thinking of adding the “ho-ho-ho” factor at your store, family or corporate party? Here’s how to hire a Father Yule who’s appropriate for your special event. Consider Your Needs […]