Sensitive Santas For People With Disabilities

Sensitive Santas can make Christmas extra special for Kids and Families with Autism. Visiting Santa at the Mall, local Christmas Tree lighting, or any huge crowd is a rite of passage for many families. But, for those on the Autism spectrum or many other disabilities, the crowds, the noise, and idea of sitting on a […]

I still want a doll… Santa Claus

I still want a doll. This is the story of a Christmas wish… Most of us have gotten our Christmas wishes or something very close to it. But times were different at the turn of the 1900s. When you hear people say that they were poor as a kid, they were truly poor. There are people […]

Pet pictures with Santa

Pet pictures with Santa Kids and pets all in a roll in front of a decorated fireplace or Christmas tree produces a brilliant traditional holiday photo, but why stop there, why not add Santa Claus to your wonderful pictures. To get the best pictures, take many more pictures than you think you’ll ever use, in […]

People Who Have Disabilities Love Christmas Too

People Who Have Disabilities Love Christmas Too… We Are All Open To The Magic Of The Holidays! I have many years of working with people who have disabilities. the last 11 years I was a School Bus Driver of students with disabilities and now I’m a School Bus Aide. I interact with students all day. […], Hire Father Yule John Rakestraw

Gigsalad is the place to find the talent you need for your next party! Why book Father Yule John Rakestraw? Are you looking for an EXTRAORDINARY Real Bearded Father Yule / Father Christmas / Santa Claus to appear at your company holiday party, community event, home party or on TV or Streaming video (Skype/Google Hangout […]

How Much to Hire Santa

How Much to hire Santa for your party? My Father Yule Home visits and Video Chats rates make your Holiday Season a gift that will be remembered for years to come. Those memories are priceless… The big question is always How Much to Hire Santa John? Father Yule, John Rakestraw, loves to meet and talk […]

Hire Santa for Party

Hire Santa for Party HIRE Father Yule / Father Christmas / Santa Claus for your party all year long. CALL (541)-579-1217 or ONLINE at Contact Santa Are you looking to Hire Santa for Party? Let Father Yule John Rakestraw, a professional Santa, delight you with the spirit and excitement of the holidays all year long […]

I Need to Hire a Santa Claus Where Do I Look

I Need to Hire a Santa Claus Where Do I Look? My first answer to that question would be, “Right here, I’m for hire as Santa!” But you most likely want more info about hiring that jolly old Elf… right? ’Tis the season to be jolly, and no one does jolly better then old Father […]