Planning your murder mystery party

Planning your murder mystery party the fun way, the brilliant way, the murderous way! Planning your murder mystery party… This is the big picture view here, what’s your plan? That includes when to buy the game, where’s it going to be at, when to invite guests and are you going to have food? First of […]

Fund Raising And Murder Mystery Events

Fund Raising And Murder Mystery Events Are A Great Way To Have Fun, Help Your Worthy Cause And Have A Murderous Entertaining Time Murder mystery parties are really good fund raiser ideas – whether it’s for the your church group, PTA for school, or just your favorite charity. MURDER MYSTERY PARTIES FOR FUND RAISERS Here […]

Teambuilding… Go Team! Find Santa Claus

Teambuilding Interactive Party Events! Can your group or company help to find the Jolly Old Elf off season? Are you looking for a fun and unique way to celebrate the holiday season or have that holiday party. Can you help Father Yule’s trusty Elves and at the same time build better engagement and communication with […]

What It Is To Be A Wizard In The Modern Age

The mystique of a Wizard has been my life’s great passion for many a year.  People have always been fascinated with the men and women who dared to work with the creative energy and wonderful magic that the Wizards can form with their powers and good will.  With the brilliant understand that true magic comes […]