Where Dice Rule the Realm on BlogTalkRadio & iTunes

BlogTalkRadio & iTunes Our DnD Podcast is on Apple’s iTunes https://goo.gl/sbGLDD Dungeon Master for Hire… the quest where dice rolls rule. My family and I are playing TOMB OF ANNIHILATION (well my take on that brilliant Adventure Module.) I paid for it thinking it would be fun for Level 3 PCs (newbies.) They keep wondering […]

Just a Little Bit of Your Soul – pt 1 – Episode One pt 4 –

Just a Little Bit of Your Soul Welcome to where … THE DICE RULE THE REALM! After killing the Wizard Acererak, of the Scarlet Robes – What makes the Scarlet Brotherhood of the Robes so ominous is not that they field the greatest armys or have the most powerful mages, but rather that they seem […]

Building a BADASS Character with Flaws

Building a BADASS Character with Flaws… The only thing as murky as a conspiracy is what’s happening in a D&D #TableTopGame… Interesting character types. Paranoid Conspiracy Theorist ~ Nothing’s as it seems or what we believed. You just know the Bartender is in league with the dark forces, and that’s why your life is so […]