Calzone of Death and the Yawning Portal

So, on Saturday 12/29/2018 we (my heros and I, as DM,) went back to… Calzone Golem of Death. This mini adventure for the start of my version of Waterdeep. I have however gotten the Beadle and Grimes… their Platinum Edition of D&D’s WATERDEEP DRAGON HEIST. which is brilliant and fun to use. For this mini […]

Cheesy Calzone Golem of Death… DnD at its Tastiest!

  Now that the Holidays are slowing down, I’m Father Yule / Master Detctive during the Christmas and Yule time season… many visits and Mysteries to play at this time of year. On the 26th of December we were able to step back into the Lasagna adventure and play DnD! It was fun and full […]

The Fun of Cosplay with the Jurassic Park Theme

Cosplay with the Jurassic Park Theme. John Hammond, owner of Jurassic Park, had good intentions when he decided to resurrect dinosaurs but as we all know things didn’t go as planned. Here I am as John Hammond from Jurassic Park, looking for my lost pets… those beast just like to wander off and cause all […]