30 Clues To A KILLER!

30 Clues to a Killer is unique mystery written just for you and your mystery event night.

30 clues to a killer

Every Mystery Event is created for you, the client… it’s a unique mystery just for you and your guests. Your own brilliant murderous party that you can have fun playing.

We have the Murder Mystery Game & 30 Clues to a killer…

The way that 30 Clues works is there are four or more suspects (you pick 4 or more people from your group who you believe would be great at roleplaying/acting the part of a possible killer. You can have one person play this part, or two, or a whole group… even choose the table they’re sitting at for the suspect). The rest of the guests will be detectives (they can even come dressed as their favorite fictional detectives if they want). I hand out 30 envelopes with clues in them and we go through those one at a time. Q/A after each clues is read. The Suspects are given info packs about their characters a few weeks before the Murder Mystery Event, plus they can get ahold of me by either textings, email, and /or call by phone. They have a small paragraph of info that the rest of the group (guest) don’t have. No one knows who the killer is, not even you as the party host. That way everyone gets to play.

I hope we can have a KILLER time together,

Select a Role Playing Murder Mystery Scenario
• We offer many choices for themes tailored to the unique interests of you and your guests.


Popular Themes

• Happy Yule To All and To All A Good MURDER… Here’s a fun Holiday Murder Mystery
• Who Stoled Santa’s Magic Gift Bag?
• There’s Murder In Them Thar Golden Eyes, Death In The Wild West
• A Wizard Of A Murder
• The Misadventure of the Murdered War Ships!
• Happy Yule To All and To All A Good MURDER!
• Divas Forever… or Until you DIE!

There are many different themes.. Old West, Christmas, Pirate, Luau, Crime Bosses, a Winery Mystery, Soap Opera Divas or any theme you want.

Let’s have a Murderous Fun Party together!


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