A Wizard Of A Murder

A Wizard Of A Murder


Master Detective Father Yule, will now remind everyone playing of all the evidence, the accusations and the motives of each suspect again.

A Wizard Of A Murder

You can go to our website post where there’s clues, more videos and back stories about this mystery: http://johnlrakestraw.com/facebook-live-mystery-event-murdered-potions-herbs/

This is like in the old murder mystery movies and TV shows, because this is my favorite part, Where I get go around making a case for each of the suspects as the killer.

A Wizard Of A Murder

Peter Bumguard & Jerry Lacegood – you both sent an Prv-Rat Mail to Michael Penfrog telling him to leave Misty Bloom alone and take his love sick ways down the road. If he didn’t end it, you both will for him… misery loves company, are you both ready to go to prison together!

Misty Bloom – You say that you and Michael Penfrog weren’t really lovers. That all those love letter between you and him were for Jill Toegate. Maybe that was true at first for you both, maybe Michael Penfrog suddenly fell in love with you. But, he knew you were in love with Jerry Lacegood. Maybe he started putting a Love Potion in the tea you drank. Maybe you started to fall in love with Michael Penfrog. You thought you found a new soulmate, one you could write love poems and notes with. Maybe one day you came by Michael Penfrog rooms and saw that same bottle of Love Potion and felt that he had tricked you into falling in love. Your new soulmate was a fake. You had thrown over your true love for a fake one. Maybe that could make someone… murderous?

Ralph Hardstep – You really must’ve hated that Michael Penfrog for climbing the corporate ladder by leaps and bounds at your own family’s Firm. Your hatred towards him had increased lately, due to him becoming your boss, the head of your family’s own frim. How dare the shareholders put a buffoon like him in charge? Right! How dare they put you in the shadows of Michael Penfrog… that twit, that nobody. It’s an insult to your family’s reputation, TO YOU! You’d been looking for a chance to teach him a huge lesson. Death there’s a lesson… for the living to learn from. Don’t mess with Suspect #4. He’ll deal you a killer hand in business. Your severance pay… six feet under.

Alice Lacegood – Blood is thicker than water and your sibling Jerry Lacegood was being hurt by Michael Penfrog spending time with his hearts desire, Misty Bloom. You took matters into your own hands fix that issue once and for all. No one hurts your family. He might have been a friend to the group, but friendships ends when they hurt your good friend Jill Toegate and family. As I said blood is thicker than water. Just how far would you go to protect your own? Plus, it has just come to light though rumors that Mr. Penfrog was looking for a different product to clean the magical antiques and dropping the huge five figure contract with you Miss Lacegood. That would hurt. I also have heard that you. Were once seen with him a few times out drinking at one of the no magic bars on the other side of town. Were dating? Was his dropping your contact away of getting back at you not playing ball in the dating game with him?

Jill Toegate – You play at being so devastated and surprised by Michael Penfrog being found dead. You talk of a love you shared with him… that you suppressed. You have tears and anger and talk of demons, along with many other mysteries that he fought day in and day out, and then you say it was just his fate. It was perhaps his destined time. You express shock and jealousy, and even ask Misty Bloom how she could hurt her good friends. (meaning you and Jerry Lacegood). Tell the group of other possibilities for Michael Penfrogʼs death such as fate, demons, etc… could you be another reason for his death?

Sebastian Talbot – How sweet of you to help Michael Penfrogʼs parents with their medical expenses, what a giving person they are… though you might now be that person who put them there in the first place. Could’ve Michael Penfrog found out about your affair with his mother… from all those years ago? Like I found out that you paid Ralph Hardstep and his gang of thugs to ransack Michael’s rooms and even stealing back your old own Reminiscence. There was those Love Potions that were most likely taken from your shop. You Sebastian can brew a batch, a six-pack of death from all those herbs. With all those Potions you might even be able to bring us back from the dead… why didn’t you bring back Michael Penfrog?

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