An Actor and His Text

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The Actor and his Text
by Cicely Berry

An Actor and His Text

This is an excellent book which opens actors up to the idea of studying the text of the play through the action of the words, the beats and the throughline of the thoughts and actions of the characters.

Ms.Berry’s book specifically focuses on the text of William Shakespeare’s plays.

She gives detailed examples of exercises that can be very useful to actors which can help them to live the words that Shakespeare uses and the beats of the music that he gave to us in his word choices.

Personally as an actor… I found this book to be extremely helpful not only for Shakespeare, but for all plays. The book really made me look at plays entirely differently.

In the past when I first reading a play, I would simply read through it and think about where my character starts out in the beginning of the play and where he would end up at the climax of the play.

When I read a play now I really find all those delicious moments and live them more with the language and words that the playwright has set forth.

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