Auditioning Help

Auditioning Help

Auditioning Help For Santas – The 3 C’s

I just got out of Santa Ed’s great tutorial with the Santa Claus Conservatory class about “How to Get on TV for Fun and Profits.” I remembered a few things I learned about auditioning years back.

Way back in the 1980’s when I first started studying acting (you never truly stop studying neither, I’m taking a Masterclass on acting right now online with Kevin Spacey.) I read every book I could find on acting. One such book, I wish I could remember its name, but alas it not in my head anymore… but the great tips on auditioning are still there. Basically it went something like this, and I paraphrase it after all these years, though it got me through many audition and into many great and brilliant shows.

They were the 3 C’s: Always make yourself comfortable, be in the moment and charismatic, and ooze confidence.

Actors have to command attention. Be someone that auditioners want to get to know. Though you don’t want to be just interesting… we want to be also interested. Most of acting is reacting to the moments that are happening around you. The magic if… if I were this person how would I truly react to the situation at hand.

This is the mental state we should try to be in when we walk in that audition room. Too many times we psych ourselves out. I know that I used to almost have a nervous breakdown before I even got into that audition. But I would center myself and follow the three C’s: be comfortable, be charismatic and ooze confidence.

Let’s take a closer look at each part…

Auditioning Help

•Be Comfortable – I know… how do you become comfortable with auditioning. They hold all the power between me paying my bills and selling my car to pay for my acting career. Believe it or not… they want you to be the person, be the one who they want to give the job to. They don’t want to sit there all day never finding the right person. We need to re-frame our view of the situation and not look at them as the inquisition, but more as a collaborative artistic group working together. It’s still “SHOW BUSINESS,” they still are looking for that person who could bring in the money shot. But once I put myself at ease and saw them as people who could help me… my audition went much better and I started to have fun. I didn’t get every job I auditioned for, but changing my attitude got me other jobs with these with gate keeper (casting people) later on with different jobs. They remember me from my audition. I might not have been right for that job… but I was right for one later. Be comfortable in your skin, in who you are and with the people running the audition.

•Be Charismatic – When you walk in to that room be the character, for this group, be Santa… “command their attention.” Now this doesn’t mean being a bigger than life personality. Being subtle, yet having energy… charisma isn’t about being big and loud. Silent energy can be just as powerful and captivating. Remember John Wayne. Enter that audition room with charismatic energy.

•Ooze Confidence – If we aren’t confident in our own abilities… how can we expect anyone else to be? They need someone who they want to get to know and hire. You don’t have to be the right look or even the perfect Santa. You just have to be the one who knows he or she is the Santa for this job. It’s much easier for them if your so confident about the part, that you take off all the pressure for them to find the “right” Santa. You are the right one. Getting any part is beyond our control. We need to have confidence in our quality and abilities to be the person they need. You want to be on the list of possibilities… better yet, near the top of the list. Oozing confidence can put you there. The rest is out of our hands.

Have fun and remember the 3 C’s.

P.S. this works in many other parts of our lives… I know, because I do it all the time.

Auditioning Help for the Santas to be…

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