Sometimes You Don’t Want The Whole Holiday Thingy

Sometimes you don’t want the whole Holiday thingy this time of year… sometimes you want to change things up… sometimes you just want to leave the Holidays hype behind… BUT YOU STILL WANT TO PARTY!!! That’s when a Mystery Party just might fit your itch… The normal way one of our murder mystery events work […]

Cool Outside, Warm Inside challenge

Cool Outside, Warm Inside challenge Fun, Fun, FUN! Here’s another challenge… You can pick one, or two, or three or all of them. The main thing is join the fun! I turned my Father Yule (aka Santa) cup into a Krampus cup ~ he’s a horned, anthropomorphic figure described as “half-goat, half-demon.” Krampus is known […]

Scavenger Hunts and Challenges

Scavenger Hunts and Challenges Here we start… Halloween is in 14 day, 2 weeks from now… so, lets have some pre-party fun. Scavenger Hunt will begaiiiiiiiiiiin……………………….NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! #ThrowbackHalloween – Upload a picture of you in a costume from anytime in the past. Use that #ThrowbackHalloween with the pic. Aspiring Apparition – Creatively represent what you would […]

SPOOKTACULAR Halloween Party Online

SPOOKTACULAR Halloween Party! You don’t want to miss the BEST DAMN HALLOWEEN PARTY EVER this year! How many parties have Father Yule the fame storyteller and his scary mystery tale of ‘One Dead Body to Many,’ though just one might be too many for some! The music is the best and your favorite because it […]

Damn Hollywood… they did the same thing to me too…

Damn Hollywood… they did the same thing to me too… by not even doing my story idea. They truly know how to ruin a good plot, good characters and a good bottle of water… A writer and a producer get shipwrecked on a deserted island. They both get to the beach and look up towards […]

The Biggest Threat To Us In The Coming Future

The biggest threat to us in the coming future… Climate Change is throw out at us all the time. I believe that we need to really look at how we treat the environment and the areas we live in. It can’t hurt to clean up the planet and have a cleaner Earth. It’s high on […]