Where Dice Rule the Realm on BlogTalkRadio & iTunes

BlogTalkRadio & iTunes Our DnD Podcast is on Apple’s iTunes https://goo.gl/sbGLDD Dungeon Master for Hire… the quest where dice rolls rule. My family and I are playing TOMB OF ANNIHILATION (well my take on that brilliant Adventure Module.) I paid for it thinking it would be fun for Level 3 PCs (newbies.) They keep wondering […]

Just a Little Bit of Your Soul – pt 1 – Episode One pt 4 –

Just a Little Bit of Your Soul Welcome to where … THE DICE RULE THE REALM! After killing the Wizard Acererak, of the Scarlet Robes – What makes the Scarlet Brotherhood of the Robes so ominous is not that they field the greatest armys or have the most powerful mages, but rather that they seem […]

Building a BADASS Character with Flaws

Building a BADASS Character with Flaws… The only thing as murky as a conspiracy is what’s happening in a D&D #TableTopGame… Interesting character types. Paranoid Conspiracy Theorist ~ Nothing’s as it seems or what we believed. You just know the Bartender is in league with the dark forces, and that’s why your life is so […]

Playing DnD, Making Characters and Finding Players

I started playing DnD, the first time, about 40 years ago. It’s was a great time and fun to play. My older brother and I started to go on adventures, me as a DM and he playing five characters. I played for about four years and then found a girlfriend… fell in love… and started […]

If You Ever Wanted To Know What It’s Like To Play Dungeons And Dragons

If you ever wanted to know what it’s like to play Dungeons and Dragons… We, THE RAKESTRAW MAFIA, started an adventure with low level charaters and are learning how to play the table top game right here on the internet and in our livingroom with a fun webseries. So far our brilliant heros, in the […]

How to be a Flawed DnD Character

Flaws change the PCs story and its tone. The whole picture of your character changes for the group and the DM. The big questions are how to be flawed? How many flaws do I need and can you buy them from a merchant, fantasy Costco, fastasy Amazon, Ebay… maybe Craigslist! Well… you can have as […]

Episode One Part Two – Where in the Sewer are WE!

Where in the Sewer are WE! Episode One Part Two… Charm Person… Follow the light… Rat Whisper… Debt Collectors!!!??!! Watch Coming this Saturday – Episode One Part Two – Where in the Sewer are WE! from johnfatheryulerakestraw on www.twitch.tv Here’s the Coming Attractions… this Coming Attractions ‘Premieres’ Wednesday, April 11th at 12 noon. What’s Premiering […]

Tomb of Annihilation is a Dungeons & Dragons adventure

Tomb of Annihilation is a Dungeons & Dragons adventure that takes place on the peninsula of Chult in the Forgotten Realms. Chult is a tropical wilderness composed mostly of jungles, plateaus, impassable mountains, and belching volcanoes. My Fantastic Stream on Twitch… you can see the videos of our Premier Season ~ Tomb of Annihilation: Father […]