On Becoming a Real Wizard

On Becoming a Real Wizard… In todays World

What is a real wizard?

The Link for the Playlist is here… On Becoming a Real Wizard

Real WizardThe word wizard is said to mean a wise heart and a wise head… a wizard is not someone who can just snaps their fingers, or wave a magic wand, and turns little children into small creatures… that is far from the truth… though at times in my life I wish I could have done so… but no I could not. Wizards are a more practical lot… they are more helpful in all situations. A western master of wisdom, such as a Wizard, does not specifically teach a Path so much, but rather they add to human knowledge in one or another field of inquiry. They may report on their Way of Knowledge, but mostly that Way makes them capable of having the skills, the crafts, and arts necessary to add something to the whole of human knowledge. Wizards try to offer more pages of explanation to the human existence.

It might be far better to describe Wizards, as Path Walkers…  they walk several paths of knowledge and misplaced thoughts… not just one or two… but many. For it’s in looking for misplaced knowledge that they find themselves in new territories of wonder, and knowing the virtues and their differences can itself be quite helpful. Wizards live to learn and seek our humankinds true selves… the good and the warts.

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