The Biggest Threat To Us In The Coming Future

The biggest threat to us in the coming future…

Climate Change is throw out at us all the time. I believe that we need to really look at how we treat the environment and the areas we live in. It can’t hurt to clean up the planet and have a cleaner Earth. It’s high on my list… but not the top.

Clean Water or water rights… we need access to clean water. We hear that there’s all kinds of water out there for us to drink… but will we be able to have the water to use? Once again it’s high on my list… but not the top.

Nuke… will we get nuked? Good question… I hope not. We hear about how bad groups could get one, there has been countless movies, books and T.V. shows. It hasn’t happen YET! Once again it’s high on my list… but not the top.

JOBS… that’s the biggest threat to us in the future. Not from someone getting here illegally either. We see it already happening… ALL OVER THE WORLD!!!!

Automation… People being replaced by machines. It has been happen for a long time.

The biggest threat to us in the coming future

Self-serve fuel pumps didn’t catch on until the 1970s, when pump-makers added automation that let customers pay at the pump, and over the next 40 years, stations across the nation installed these task-specific robots and fired attendants. By the 2000s, the gas attendant job had all but disappeared. (Two states, New Jersey and Oregon, protect full-service gas by law.)

The ATMs, self service kiosk, Virtual Receptionist, Telephone operators (replaced a long time ago,) email, Online shopping, E-insurance,Typist, Court reporting, Newspaper Reporters & Editors, Data Entry Associate, Call Centers, and Telemarketers (this one we just might be happy about.) the list could go on for much longer.

AI, the next great leap in Automation, is faster, can work longer and at speeds we humans can’t match. AI seem smarter… it just can get through fact sheets and info faster then us humans… AI is not smarter, just faster at getting it… at times. The huge thing we have over AI at this time and maybe for all time. Is our “Humanness” we feel the world, people, animals, the environment around us. Yes, we get distracted, our minds can be preoccupied. We dare to and can think outside of our programing. Our “Humanness” is our greatest strength.


We are going to lose 100s of millions of jobs to AI in the very near future.

Entrepreneurs is what we need to become… jobs where you work directly with a living breathing Person. This can be online, right here on Facebook using LIVE Video… that job, that company, that education, that Entrepreneurship is up you how you want to do it. But, it needs to be a job that works directly with people in a way that AI does not. You need to find your unique way to get follow humans to engage and want to work with you and buy from each other. Entrepreneurship is the only way I see this happening if you want to be competitive in the future market place.

Or we can just sit back and hope that the AI will care enough to want us to buy all the crap it pushes out into the market and tell us to buy. With what money…?

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