Building a BADASS Character with Flaws

Building a BADASS Character with Flaws…

The only thing as murky as a conspiracy is what’s happening in a D&D #TableTopGame…

Building a BADASS Character with Flaws

Interesting character types.

Building a Badass Character with Flaws

Paranoid Conspiracy Theorist ~ Nothing’s as it seems or what we believed. You just know the Bartender is in league with the dark forces, and that’s why your life is so miserable in your pisshole of the city. That guy that bought you a drink, and says they want to hire you… could they be a Dark Sorcerers who wants to send all the people they don’t like to their death. That caravan guarding gig? You quit because you knew it was a front for magical weapons smuggling. People tend to look at you funny, some even stop and whisper about you as you past them by… they think you’re crazy, touched in the head. You’re convinced that something big and bad is going down, and all the powerful Liches are in on it, they control the Kings and Queen through out the whole realm. Someone has the stick of all knowledge… or could it be that Hell Hound is just playing fetch… or is it?

Building a BADASS Character with Flaws

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