Bushy Bearded Santa

Bushy Bearded Santa Claus

Bushy Bearded Santa, because not all hair on the face is created equal.

Beards are like people they grow in all kinds of shapes and sizes. Some are wonderfully short and well-kept, others are long and wispy, some irreparably patchy and then there’s the other kind… Bushy!

Today, we’re here to talk about the fuller monster at the end of the spectrum for beards. These are the granddaddy of beards… Santa Claus is written all over it, if it’s white.

Trim to Shape… like a Topiary

When it comes to growing your beard out to epic expansion, a monument to “I haven’t shaved in decades look…” the biggest concern is how to carefully treading the line between manicured and hermit. You don’t want to look like you don’t give a hoot… when you’re striving for that grand furry greatness. The key here is to trim your beard ever so slightly. Only truly grab for the scissor to trim your grand opus to fit a general shape, or maybe to get rid of split ends. Otherwise, leave it be to grow into the beard of all beards.

How Much is a Bushy Bearded Santa, Too Much Bushy?

I would like to say when you find a bird nesting in there… but for some bushy beards that would be perfect. The bushy Santa beard opus, the longer haired ones, it’s more likely to get tangled. It also has a greater chances of “stuff” getting stuck in and by it. Most of the time you can solve these two issues by running either a brush or comb through your grand opus a few of times, when needed. For those who have sensitive skin, a great boar hair brush is the perfect solution… their tough on tangles but gentle to the skin underneath. Maybe you care for combs more, we all have our grooming styles. Combs made with natural keratin are great for a bushy beard Santa, they reduces static electricity, you don’t give people a shocking touch, nor have beard frizz. Or you could just keep the “stuff” there and eat it later… maybe for a midnight snack?

Bushy Bearded Santa

Squeaky Clean Makes People Sit By You More Often

Talking about midnight snacks and sweat and icky other stuff we don’t want to mention… the biggest draw back to big, thick beards is they provide a lush, wet environment for things, icky things, like bacteria and like more bacteria to grow and live!

We don’t live in the middle ages, where you only take a bath and wash your hair once a year! We live in a more civilized time, one that has shampoo and indoor running water. Use shampoo, repeat (like it says on the bottle repeat.) Use the same kind you have for the hair on your head.

Conditioning the Bushy Bearded Santa

Use that bottle of stuff that looks like the shampoo bottle, but isn’t. Its conditioner. Longer hair, whether on your head or on your face, tends to dry out more easily. Thus, Bushy Beard Santa-style beards do require more attention moisture-wise than other, shorter facial hair styles. So go ahead, apply your favorite conditioner liberally, and no need to worry about overdoing it. Your face will thank you later.

The Sun Shines All Year Long… Don’t Forget Sunscreen

Remember in the off season or even during the Holidays, sunscreen is your best friend.

You might believe that all the bushy hair will protect you from the Sun’s rays. That you have no worries about sunburning… no, you couldn’t be more wrong. The sun’s rays can penetrating even the thickest face fuzz, even in winter! Don’t get to lax about applying sunscreen. Make sure you find one with moisturizer with built in SPF it’s a great way too sooth your itchy under-beard skin while protecting you from the burning sun.

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