Have a Killer Valentine’s Day

A killer Valentine’s Day with chocolate! Murder Mystery Event for Valentine’s Day… A heart is fragile and unforgiving! Love Writes a Deadly Verse Mysteries of love and and the heart… have a murderous party for Valentine’s Day this year. Click on the link below and get that killer mystery to play. http://www.marketerschoice.com/app/?af=1687980 Roses are red […]

In Oregon, Here’s Where to Get Your Mystery Kits

In Oregon, Master Detective John Rakestraw, Who Do IT? is one of the best Murder Mystery Event host. Are you looking for brilliant entertainment for the Holidays, Group Building, Corporate Parties, a Birthday or Just getting friends and family together for that FUN time. That’s what we’re all about… Master Detective for Hire… the quest […]

Fully Interactive Murder Mystery Show

The Fully Interactive Murder Mystery Show is a killer event for all occasions. Our immensely popular murder mystery events are set in any place, time & theme you care to pick or dream. Unlike other murder mystery dinner shows (or just dinner shows in general), with The Master Detective, you and your guests will not […]

Hire Murder Mystery Entertainers

Tired of traditional parties? You can hire Murder Mystery Entertainers to help you throw one killer party! Their themed parties will have your guests engaged and entertained from start to finish. Search from Gigsalad or GigMasters’ listing of talented event professionals in Oregon. Please note this Murder Mystery Entertainer will also travel to Springfield, Eugene, […]

5 Reasons Master Detective is the Perfect Mystery Party Solution

5 Reasons Master Detective is the Perfect Mystery Party Solution that brings you a KILLER PARTY! 1. Pick a City in Oregon, any city and we’ll give you a Mystery Event there! No distance is too far. 2. You deserve brilliant unique Murder Mystery stories and original entertaining plots! 3. I bring over 30+ years […]

How to Solve a Murder Mystery Event

Someone is dead! You job is to find out who, Why, and How… Not only will you have to reveal the murderer, but have fun while doing so. If this is your first time attending a murder mystery party or even your 100th time… continue reading to learn how to find clues, impress your friends, […]

Murder Mystery Parties in Oregon

Murder Mystery Parties in Oregon ~ Passion, deceit, revenge, murder… Murder is for sale, this is not your average dinner party! Everyone’s a suspect and a detectives in our Mystery Event. 30 clues to the killer… Lets have a murderous time! Add some excitement to your party with a Murder is for sale Role Playing […]

Taking Off February 29th, 30th, 31st This Year

Taking off days in February for a creative retreat… I will be taking February 29, 30, 31 off this year. I’m going to use those days to be creative with crayons… to find my inner da Vinci.

Fund Raising And Murder Mystery Events

Fund Raising And Murder Mystery Events Are A Great Way To Have Fun, Help Your Worthy Cause And Have A Murderous Entertaining Time Murder mystery parties are really good fund raiser ideas – whether it’s for the your church group, PTA for school, or just your favorite charity. MURDER MYSTERY PARTIES FOR FUND RAISERS Here […]