Today ends the Christmas Season, but not the magic, nor the wonder of its brilliant joy that it gives us. I hope that you keep Christmas in your heart all year long. Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas to all. 12th day of SANTA’S 12 DAYS OF CHRISTMAS. So, on Christmas 25th of December is 1 […]

Taking Off February 29th, 30th, 31st This Year

Taking off days in February for a creative retreat… I will be taking February 29, 30, 31 off this year. I’m going to use those days to be creative with crayons… to find my inner da Vinci.

Scavenger Hunts the Best Fun for Many Parties

Scavenger Hunts can make your party shine! Scavenger Hunts can be that game for the whole Family, kids, teens & Adults, just about everyone love the grand fun of a brilliant scavenge hunt. Whether you want to have a crazy night with the bride or groom-to-be, or whether you want your employees to get to […]

The Biggest Threat To Us In The Coming Future

The biggest threat to us in the coming future… Climate Change is throw out at us all the time. I believe that we need to really look at how we treat the environment and the areas we live in. It can’t hurt to clean up the planet and have a cleaner Earth. It’s high on […]

What’s Your Passion?

I try to remember to ask people, “What’s your passion?” We all are taught to ask, “What do you do?” Mostly so that we can judge them, put them in a certain box and know if we’re better or worst off then them. I joke and say I ask kids, “What do they want to […]

Veneta Holiday Bazaar Selfie Santa Pictures

Veneta Holiday Bazaar Father Yule John Rakestraw, was Santa at the Veneta, Oregon, Holiday traveling Bazaar. He brought the Holiday cheer to many… from a beautiful newborn (not picture) to a brilliant service dog. The Applegate Regional Theatre made a great stop for shoppers and vendors alike. If you missed out on seeing us this year… there’s […]

Snap That Selfie

Snap Snap, Smile, Say Cheese… Never retake a selfie again with these easy tricks for snapping amazing selfies every time. First… Have someone else take your picture. Turn to your friend, a family member, even a stranger on the street and have them take your picture. Most times it will be better then the one […]

Applegate Regional Theatre

Applegate Regional Theatre | Contact | Get Involved | Audition | Work Parties | Shows | Fun Stuff Applegate Regional Theatre (ART) Center in Veneta, Oregon The grand spirits of the theatre gods are working their magic here in Veneta at the Applegate Regional Theatre, Inc. (ART, Inc.) site. Soon there will be auditions, shows, […]