Today ends the Christmas Season, but not the magic, nor the wonder of its brilliant joy that it gives us. I hope that you keep Christmas in your heart all year long. Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas to all. 12th day of SANTA’S 12 DAYS OF CHRISTMAS. So, on Christmas 25th of December is 1 […]

Cheesy Calzone Golem of Death… DnD at its Tastiest!

  Now that the Holidays are slowing down, I’m Father Yule / Master Detctive during the Christmas and Yule time season… many visits and Mysteries to play at this time of year. On the 26th of December we were able to step back into the Lasagna adventure and play DnD! It was fun and full […]

The Gig Economy for Entertainers

The Gig Economy is the driving force of actors, entertainers, costume characters, Santa and other Holiday talent and all the brilliant people who sing, juggle, twist balloons, do magic… they have long been part of the gig economy. Roles and benefits come and go unpredictably. Side jobs with flexible hours are a fact of life. […]

You see life isn’t about a huge party or play time… it’s work.

My life has been good… I’ve had ups and downs and really crazy days. But, for the most part it has always worked out somehow. We never have enough money, time, sleep, health… what we do have is love, fun, smiles, someone who will listen to you. You see life isn’t about a huge party […]

Damn Hollywood… they did the same thing to me too…

Damn Hollywood… they did the same thing to me too… by not even doing my story idea. They truly know how to ruin a good plot, good characters and a good bottle of water… A writer and a producer get shipwrecked on a deserted island. They both get to the beach and look up towards […]