ONE TRICK PONY – Web Series – Episode Five

GIRLS NIGHT OUT… IS MARY JO READY FOR THIS! Episode Five of “ONE TRICK PONY,” the Web Series by John Rakestraw NARRATOR: JO stands across the street from the museum drinking her Chia Tea Espresso waiting for the night cleaning crew to leave. The museum had been closed for some hours and she watches the […]

What’s Your Passion?

I try to remember to ask people, “What’s your passion?” We all are taught to ask, “What do you do?” Mostly so that we can judge them, put them in a certain box and know if we’re better or worst off then them. I joke and say I ask kids, “What do they want to […]

Harvest Festival in Veneta, 2016

Harvest Festival Selfie Booth… Last Saturday, September 10th, I did my Father Yule at a wonderful Harvest Festival in Veneta, Oregon. I was with the Applegate Regional Theatre, Inc. (ART, Inc.) folks, where we had a Selfie Booth all set-up for people to take photos with their Smartphones, Tablets, or regular camera. They could dress […]