Why “OUR TOWN” by Thornton Wilder is Still Done Today

OUR TOWN The Pulitzer Prize winning play “OUR TOWN” is in most parts an actor’s piece. Meaning that we actor’s love the style… the bare stage, if done right you have a person or two at a table on one side of the stage doing all the sound effects, like old-time radio, the actor mime […]

Summer Solstice (Litha) Brings Longest Day With A Bright Full Moon

Summer Solstice bathed in a full moon… The longest day, Summer Solstice, of the year brings a full moon upon us. Monday, June 20th, brings the Summer Solstice, aka Litha, which marks the beginning of the season and a chance to soak in copious amounts of sunshine and tonight; a bright full moon… moon rays […]

Prevention of Abuse Campaign, The Blue and Silver Pinwheels

Prevention of Abuse Campaign The Blue and Silver Pinwheels for Prevention® of abuse campaign provides a unique opportunity for all of us, individuals and organizations alike, to take action by learning more about prevention, supporting child and family friendly policies and services, and volunteering at the local, state, and national levels. Be a helping hand…