Cheesy Calzone Golem of Death… DnD at its Tastiest!

Calzone Golem


Now that the Holidays are slowing down, I’m Father Yule / Master Detctive during the Christmas and Yule time season… many visits and Mysteries to play at this time of year.

Calzone Golem Calzone Golem

On the 26th of December we were able to step back into the Lasagna adventure and play DnD!

Calzone Golem

Calzone Golem

It was fun and full of hot steaming cheese, red sauce and demons!

The hero’s ran into flying books, animated rope and a iron fireplace poker. Fought with an Imp who change into a spider, rat, raven and then went invisible to hide from them.

Calzone GolemCalzone GolemCalzone Golem

They then fought a Calzone Golem and stop a Pit Fiend from coming into their realm through a portal with four evil energy post to help open up the path.

Calzone Golem

Not bad for 1st level characters.

But, they still need to get Durnan’s Lasagna…

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