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Corporate Parties with Santa, Imagine the excitement and delight when an authentic, real-bearded Father Yule arrives to bring the Holiday spirit to your next holiday party or event!

Corporate Parties For The Holiday Are Brilliant FUN!

Corporate PartiesFor corporate parties at business locations or banquet halls, you may choose to have Father Yule John mingle with your guests and assist with any formal presentations you may have, in addition to greeting your guests and posing for photographs. For family parties, Father Yule John will gladly take time to speak with each child individually.

Realistic & believable, this experienced professional Father Christmas will provide you with an unforgettable visit to your Corporate family at the office.

To schedule a visit, call 541-579-1217
or e-mail Father Yule John

Based in Eugene and Springfield, Oregon, Father Yule, John Rakestraw, is available throughout the year in Oregon.

Why have Father Yule John visit? Father Yule John is available for:
  • Good with Children
  • Loves Christmas
  • Real Beard
  • Genuine Australian Sheepskin Boots
  • Experienced
  • Insured

Another great way to work with Father Yule, John Rakestraw with corporate parties is through a video chat system which provides corporate families with 2 unique ways to communicate with Santa Claus. The first is an interactive video chat. Using web-based video chat technology (similar to Skype, Google Hangout On Air) Santa Claus can video chat directly with your group, team and even your family.

Video chats with Father Christmas also provides prerecorded video messages. You simply complete a short form, the information is then forwarded to Father Yule and I makes a “Hello Santa” video message and send you the link so you can share it with your clients, boss, team, friends and family.

Happy Holidays with Father Yule.


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