Cut the Crap in Team Building and get to the Meat…

cut the crap in Team Building

Cut the crap in TEAM BUILDING!

The Four Cores of Team Building: Communication, Listening, Problem Solving and Cooperation within the Team’s Dynamics.

What if I told your that’s mostly crap… great sounding word bites that carry no real weight.

What you need is fun, engaging hands-on & minds-on activities that gets the whole group talking, having cross-functional engagement and good old fashion healthy competition!

Facilitating Team Learning (letting down our hair and gettin’ crazy!)

Master Detective (that’s me, John Rakestraw) leads the whole group into a dynamic Murder Mystery Clue Game that demands and engages the group to all get their hands and minds in gear. The mystery explores the destructive and helpful sides of group relationships (keeping secrets, spreading rumors, mistrust) as well as (collaborating with your team, getting to know each other better, making problem solving fun.) Each person is challenged to see how far they may need to go to catch a killer.

It’s your job to discover who committed the murder, what weapon they used, and where it took place. You and your guests will do this by engaging in a little bribery or gambling, perhaps even a little blackmail. You’ll find envelopes containing clue cards of the possible suspects, locations, and murder weapons that were involved in the murder. There are also more of these clue cards with fun activities and curses that will help or hinder you finding the true murderer.

Murder is a messy business and so is team building…

Master Detective John Rakestraw takes the mystery out of of the whole setup and makes sure that you have a fantactic murderous time!

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