Divas, Dives & D’Murder!

My next Murder Mystery Event…

Divas, Dives & D'Murder!

(You can hire my Master Detective and have your own killer time with a Murderous Mystery event.)

Divas, Dives & D’Murder!

The Mystery…

The restaurant, La Mesa, a place celebrity Spanish Soap Opera Divas meet and dish on each other. The famous guests arrived in high fashion to enjoy fun games, food, and festive music! The party gets started with yummy gossip that cuts quick, and the Divas mingle about, fishing for more tales to add to the “I’m better than you” game.

Hollywood and South of the Border gossip is bandied about with each… only the most interesting trivia finds its way to the dining table. The Divas engage in entertaining challenges after breaking out the traditional Piñata! It becomes obvious that some of the Divas have more to hide than others. Even in the best of times they don’t get along too fabulously with each other, the gossip mill needs fuel. The party gets back on track. An amazing dinner is served to the Divas.

No one knows if it’s the food, gossip, or sharp tongues… all the Divas are shocked when the dead body of the famous actress Gloss López is discovered! The Divas rally together to mourn the loss of one of their reigning Queen Divas.

They all had reasons and motives for helping this sister of sharp wits and backstabbing to an early grave.

Each looks to the others as the naughty murderer among them who must be caught and have the heavy hand of justice throw them into jail—though you would think they would also celebrate this person for having the guts to truly cut one of the competition from the group… one less to worry about.

What do you call a bunch of Divas with cement shoes at the bottom of the ocean? A good start! is the going joke.

Whodunit is the question… it must be one of the other Divas.

But who?

Divas, Dives & D’Murder!

The La Mesa manager calls in a favor from a Master Detective, who just happens to be eating in the next room. He assists in the investigation and knows the evil-doer must be one of the celebrity Soap Opera Divas. Clues and accusations are thrown stage left and right, plus some into the coatroom.

After the group of Divas submit their best guesses as to whodunit and accuse each other of being the murderer, they also take turns confessing to their own involvement, if any, with the mystery and point sharp fingers at each other.

The murderer is there… which one took their murderous thoughts too far and rewrote the ending of this Soap Opera?

If you would like to have a Fabulicious Killer time at you next event… get ahold of Master Detective John Rakestraw.

Divas, Dives & D’Murder!




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