Dungeon Master for Hire

Dungeon Master for Hire… the quest where dice rolls rule

Dungeon Master for Hire

A Hero’s Quest…

“It is by going down into the abyss that we recover the treasures of life. Where you stumble, there lies your treasure.”
~ Joseph Campbell

Book a Hero’s Quest today!

Are you lacking a little adventure? Is that quest, that hero inside of you wanting to burst free and run through a dungeon and take on fiery dragons? Have you heard people talking about Dungeons & Dragons 5th edition, those famous role-playing games of dice and paper, using mini characters of plastic, metal, and paper cut-outs…and wondered what it’s all about? Maybe you’ve been watching many of the online streaming videos of DnD adventures and wondered how do I play? Where do I go to join a game? How do I learn all the brilliant stuff and how do you quest? You could hire a Dungeon Master (the person who runs the game for you) to take care of all that crazy stuff, and all you MUST do is play.

Here are a few D&D adventures that I have played recently…

Waterdeep: Dragon Heist… First Adventure Together For Lasagna!
Cheesy Calzone Golem of Death
Dungeon Master for Hire
Calzone of Death and the Yawning Portal

Now your family, and/or friends can try an adventure on for size… you don’t even have to own your own books or know the rules! Dungeon Master (John Rakestraw) for Hire has everything you need to get on the road to an adventure!

As the DM I give you…

Great storytelling.
Follows roleplaying etiquette.
Will have minis and even character sheets, maps and materials required for the adventure.

Plus if wanted (more costs here)…

Provides light snacks and drinks
Provides the space

Dungeon Master for Hire is an Oregon-based rpg-hosting service that brings the dungeon to your door… anywhere heroes gather to find their quest. This is in large part a “theatre of the mind and storytelling.” Each session includes three-dimensional dungeons, creepy sound effects, and other game-enhancing surprises for an unforgettable gaming experience!

Book a group game for you and your friends at your location (Only Oregon) or even play one-on-one with the Dungeon Master in solo play.

With our imagination weaved in between the game play we all make it feel very much like we’re walking through a dark dungeon corridor, stepping in a gloomy forest, or rushing toward that next thrilling adventure. Roll the dice, roll the dice, roll the dice… luck be with me tonight.

The Game… the adventure… is only partly ready when you bring it to the table for your band of heros. They, the heros, are the true writers of your stories… you only improvise the rest upon their walking into your world. Always keep the organization of your current plots based on some urgency (we need to help, rescue or fight the evil in the land.) Those story elements keep the players on track with the main story arcs and the sub-plots arcs to help them stay connected to your main story through-line… the main theme.

Let them make the story come alive for you… with great new arcs that will surprise you and hopeful delight you as well.

Keep yourself and the story arcs open to wonderment.

Let the quest and hero’s adventure begin!