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Events bring people and communities together. What magical or murderous entertainment is John Rakestraw doing this month?


You can schedule your event with a EXTRAORDINARY Real Bearded Father Yule | Father Christmas | Santa Claus to appear at your company holiday party, community event, home party or on TV or LIVE streaming video (Skype or Google Hangout On Air.)

We can help you have a murderous fun time solving a mystery at your next party, event, or brilliant celebration.. plus, exploring our world by Scavenger hunts!

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Fun and Games…

September 2017

September 4th – Labor Day


Labor Day in the United States is a public holiday celebrated on the first Monday in September. Interesting enough… the State I live in, OREGON, was the first state of the United States to make it an official public holiday. This Holiday honors the American labor movement and the contributions that workers have made to the strength, prosperity, laws and well-being of the country. It is the Monday of the long weekend known as Labor Day Weekend and it is considered the unofficial end of summer in the United States. The holiday is also a federal holiday. For those who have to work this weekend thank you for your serivce and for those who get to gave observance to the day and the weekend, by having them off, I thank you also. We all labor in many ways for our common good. Be thankful for the good it brings and think how you can be more helpful towards the common good for this next year.

August 2017

August 21st – Total Eclipes of the Sun…


We had a great time watching the Total Eclipse of the Sun today, right in our backyard. We were about 60 miles away from the totality of the event, which meant we got 99.5% of the Eclipse here in Springfield Oregon. We had our own homemade pinhole projectors to view the solar eclipse, plus glasses available for us to to wear that conformed to and meet the Transmission Requirements of ISO 12312-2 filters for Direct Observation of the Sun.

Video of the event… I actually was live for the Total Eclipse of the Sun, LIVE on Facebook Live.

Here are the URLs to the videos…

Here are two Facebook LIVE videos of the Eclipse (You have to have a Facebook account to watch them. They are public.)

Total Eclipse of the Sun pt. 1

Total Eclipse of the Sun pt. 2

We had a great time.

July 2017

July 4th – Independence Day – This is the 241st birthday of our proud nation the USA. We are a free people, a proud people and a brave people.


July 10th – Monday Mystery Madness “What a Kick in the Head


Father Yule Master Detective opened up his case files and reads a mystery to us… one that we can try and solve. All you have to do is follow along with all the clues, red harrings, suspects and motives to find the killer(s).

Master Detective enters the morgue and finds the body of the notorious kick boxer, Eddie ‘Flying Legs’ Victor, lying on one of the slabs. He had been shot in his left ear. The bullet must have lodged somewhere in his mashed potato brain, as there was no exit wound to be seen.

“Why do we have Flying Legs here? Shouldn’t he be going to the funeral home to be beautified for burial?” Inspector Father Yule asked.

The coroner, Peggy Calvin, turned around from the microscope, where she was examining the bullet that brought a fast end to Flying Legs’ career in kick boxing.
“Hello P.I. Father Yule, We’re not so sure if it was self-defense or a contracted knock out. They have Kirk ‘The Manic’ Stuartson upstairs in an interrogation room waiting to find out if the bullet matches his gun. He lawyered up fast. His lawyer wants confirmation of the gun and bullet before they talk to any of us,” said Peggy. Click on the link above to hear the whole story…

July 17th – Monday Mystery Madness “Death Takes a Vacation


Father Yule Master Detective opened up his case files and reads a mystery to us… one that we can try and solve. All you have to do is follow along with all the clues, red harrings, suspects and motives to find the killer(s).

For me it was a great time to vacation, to refill the soul, the body, and leave P. I. work behind. A chance to concentrate on the currents of the river and the bugs that enticed the fish. The thrill of being out there and waiting for that fish to strike the hook and fight the line and pole. That’s what helps stay off boredom and it second cousin, stagnation. There’s that calling within the water’s flow that becomes ever more audible over time, I used to equate that sound of the river speaking as the souls of murder victims, whose deaths I hadn’t solved. As I sits there by the fire cooking the two trout I caught for dinner, I listens to their demands. At times I swear I could hears them calling my name, something that rarely happens. It’s a woman’s voice…

Pamela: Master Detective—Can you hear me? Sir, I need your help.

Father Yule: Holy Toledo! You’re real. Sorry, I was lost in the sounds of the forest and river. How may I help you?

To hear the whole mystery click on the link above…

June 2017

June 26th – Monday Mystery Madness “LOVE IS A MYSTERY AND SOMETIMES MURDER

Father Yule Master Detective opened up his case files and reads a mystery to us… one that we can try and solve. All you have to do is follow along with all the clues, red harrings, suspects and motives to find the killer(s).


The Mystery is at a wedding were we find out the groom once married is going to be worth $100 Million clams. That enough for many people to want his money… is death one of them?

Suspect… A Dirty deeds done dirt cheap guy, an ex-girlfriend wanted her man back, and there’s always the bride, she’s no innocent, that’s what I hear. It could even be the Groom playing some double cross. In love and war… sorry… marriage, there are no rules.

It will be a murderous time…

June 30th – LIVE Online Mystery Event! “A Wizard Of A Murder


The facts are…

– Michael Penfrog was killed by poison from some potion made with magical herbs. My Criminologists are working on what those were at this very moment. There are so many that can be used.
– Love notes have been found.
– a Reminiscence note (Shaped like a heart with wings) was found also.
– Michael Penfrog’s wand is also missing.

Friends can easily turn on each other and stab each other in the back quickly… everyone needs to watch their backs and wands.

May 2017

May 14th – Mother’s Day


Mothers can be our greatest teachers, a warm blanket of compassion, full of love and fearlessness. If love is a sweet, then mothers are the best chocolate in the box of life.

May 20th – LIVE Online Mystery Event! “The Misadventure of the Murdered War Ships!


MYSTERY EVENT – you can still watch the full…the whole LIVE Facebook video and even try and solve the mystery. This is a cold case MYSTERY from the 1940s… during WWII.

May 29th – Memorial Day


If America is anything it’s hope… It’s compassion… it’s the land of the free. We remember not only the brave combatants of freedom… but those brave soul who came out of the trenches to be Writers, Poets, White & Blue Collar Workers, Everyday Family folks who started talking of peace, men and women who work hard to make this brilliant world a kinder place for our children to live in.

April 2017

I had a working vacation with the boys…


April 15th – Father Yule “The Magician” at a Birthday Party

The magic image is…

The magic I do is as a “Street Magician” mostly consists of sleight of hand, card tricks, and occasionally mentalism… without a doubt the most important part is the ability to draw in and hold your audience… that’s the greatest skill and the best magic of all.

April 16th – Easter

Events - Happy Easter

Helping the Easter Bunny get all over the place… it’s one of my favorite chocolate Holidays!

March 2017

March 17th – St. Patrick’s Day


The best part of St. Patrick’s Day is cherishing your human connections… your relationships with friends, family and the fact that for one day we are all Irish.

February 2017


February 2nd – Groundhog’s Day


Phil, that over sized furry rat has doomed or “predicted” six more weeks of winter after seeing his shadow. Maybe they shouldn’t have all those camera lights on him… just saying.

January 2017

January 1st – New Year


January 16th – Martin Luther King Jr. Day


January 28th – Chinese New Year – The Year of the Rooster


December 2016 Where to find that Jolly Old Elf…

December 3rd – Naked Winery Tasting Room Bend Oregon

Naked Winery Bend

Santa had a “Naked” good time with the crew in Bend… they know how to get a party going. Sorry for leaving out any of the other brilliant crew members, you’re on the “Nice but Naughty” list too!

What would a visit to a Naked Winery Tasting Room be without the fantastic customers and their dogs and families (kids included.) Merry Christmas to the best wine drinkers out there!

December 4th – Creekside Golf Club, Salem, Oregon

Elf Flies

Santa, Father Yule John Rakestraw, was there Sunday, December 4th from 10 AM to 12:30 PM. Enjoyed a great Brunch, Holiday photos, and Christmas crafts. The Talented crew there at the Banquet Hall made sure we all were well fed and cared for. Great job people!

The children had a brilliant time out on the Golf Course catching and watching plushies fall from the sky as the Elf, who was flying a ultra-lite plane, threw them down from the sky… there were animals, Santas, and many other fun toys.

December 10th – The OSU Beaver Store, Corvallis, Oregon

Santa with Benny the Beaver

Today I’m at the OSU Bookstore with Benny the Beaver having a brilliant time taking pictures with all the Santa believers out there. That will be from 4 PM to around 5:45 PM today, Saturday, December 10th. Stop on by the OSU Book store and see me and Benny. Remember to bring your own camera, Smartphone or Tablet for pictures.

Santa, Benny the Beaver and Melanie


December 10th – McDonald Theatre Holiday Party

McDonald Theatre

I had a brilliant and magical time at the McDonald Theatre in Eugene, Oregon this weekend. They had a fantastic Holiday party. I was there to help handout treats and get pictures with the fantastic children there. It was a huge blast! Thank you McDonald Theatre for the wonderful time and a chance to see so many Santa believers.

December 17th – CCTV Salem Comcast 22 “Talk to Santa” LIVE 2 hour show

CCTV Salem Crew

TALK TO SANTA… staring Father Yule, John Rakestraw and two very talented Elves. Recorded LIVE at CCTV Salem Comcast 22 studios. It was fun to do… I loved the calls, the kids dropping by the studio, the dancing, storytelling and the Christmas Cheer!

Watch the whole 2 hour show “Talk To Santa” right here…

December 23th – Little Lamb Daycare Visit with Father Yule, John Rakestraw.


It was a fantastic visit with all the kids and they made me feel right at home. You have a great Daycare and the best kids in the world.

Lana Cole sent this wonderful note to me earlier…

“Dear Santa,
You made our holiday party simply magical! We didn’t know exactly what to expect… But we could not have been happier!
We hope you’ll visit us again next year!!!
We hope you and Mrs. Claus have a wonderful holiday with your family!
😁 It was just awesome!
Merry Christmas!!!❤”

December 24th – Papa’s Pizza on West 11th, Eugene, Oregon.


Father Yule, John Rakestraw had a brilliant time with the Papa’s Pizza West 11th crew and all the Santa believers that showed up there Christmas Eve. Thank you for fantastic time and for the tasty pizza for the road… my Elves and Mrs. Claus loved it… even Rudolph said yummy!


Past events…

January 2016 | February 2016 | March 2016 | April 2016 | May 2016 | June 2016 | July 2016 | August 2016 | September 2016 | October 2016 | November 2016

Events 2013 Author's Table at the fair.
2013 Author’s Table at the fair.

A Chance to meet, talk and maybe have your book signed!

Past fun…

Events author and artist fair 2014

Toni and I will be at The Lane Library League, 15th annual fundraising event, the Authors & Artists Fair, which will be held 10 am – 6 pm on Saturday, December 6, 2014 in the Atrium of the Lane Events Center (at the Lane County Fairgrounds), next door to Holiday Market. The event is a benefit for the Lane Library League and the many programs they support.

Lane Library League is a non-profit citizens group working to expand and improve library service throughout Lane County.

Here’s a video of an interview I did with William L. Sullivan from last year.

William L. Sullivan is best known for his hiking guidebooks, and for the record… he has hiked every trail he writes about here in Oregon, Washington, and even California. ‘That’s not all…’ as they like to say in those infomercials. He has four novels, three books on Oregon travel & adventure, two books on Oregon history, and two adventure memoirs. This man is a role model for all writers out there.

JULY 2014

Lane County Fair
Dates we will be at the Author’s Table 23rd, 25th, and 27th

Slush Heap, Internet Talk Show for Writers
7/1/2014 – How to Write a Book: Continued Marketing Efforts

JUNE 2014

Slush Heap, Internet Talk Show for Writers
6/24/2014 – How to Write a Book: Marketing Efforts


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