Facebook LIVE Santa!

Facebook LIVE Santa… we all get really busy during the Holidays. You go by the Santa at the Mall (They’re fantastic) but the line to see them is longer than the line to get a Frappuccino at Starbucks, right?

Well, how about a video chat with the Jolly Old Elf himself… right on Facebook.

Facebook LIVE with Father Yule (aka Santa) John Rakestraw. You and the girls, boys, club, family, friends, office, Grandma & Grandpa, anyone who is a true believer can have a brilliant moment with Santa.

A Facebook LIVE Video Chat with Santa Claus for only $30 (that gets you 15 minutes with the Jolly Old Elf)… You can setup your personalized video visit with the Jolly Old Elf now and beat the Holiday rush.

Just click on the link below to set up your quote for a video chat.

Facebook LIVE Santa

Santa Video Chats or Phone Calls are a great way to connect with that Jolly Old Elf!

Surprise your child with a Facebook LIVE video chat or phone call with Santa. Your child will be amazed to see Santa live on screen or have a phone call with the Jolly Old Elf. This is an experience not to be missed and a memory that will last forever. You can chat with Santa from the comfort of your own home. Santa live by video link to your Smartphone or Tablet!

Book Your EXTRAORDINARY Santa call from Father Yule John Rakestraw.

Contact Santa for availability and exact rates.

Book Your EXTRAORDINARY Santa Video Chats from Father Yule John Rakestraw.

Contact Santa for a quote, date and time to have your video chat or call.

If you want a truly one of a kind Santa Video Chat, then this is for you. Santa John will consult with you about your children’s names, their histories, what they are currently interested in, friends, special moment and about Christmas gifts from the past. Santa John will make a big entrance on the Video screen and greet your children by name(s). They will be mesmerized by his authenticity and personality as he tells stories about life at the North Pole and how much fun it is putting all the Holiday good cheer together.

Santa is available all year for special events and appearances. Email Contact Santa for more information.

Facebook Live Santa Video Chats and phone calls to kids of all ages, 1 to 100+ years, this is available all year long. Our biggest time of the year for Santa Chats starts November 1st 2017 and goes until December 25th. This is a fun and brilliant way to celebrate the magic of the Holiday Season with an EXTRAORDINARY unique Santa Claus. These video calls are available worldwide.

Remember these will be a LIVE Chat with Father Yule / Father Christmas / Santa Claus and not pre recorded.

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