Father Yule is all about being Magical

Being Magical as Father Yule

Being Magical
Night Sky in a Jar!

Father Yule is all about being Magical to me as the performer… “The Entertainer.”

I remember watching the movie Houdini (1953) with Tony Curtis as Harry Houdini. We had a TV station up in the Seattle area that play a movie the same movie every night for 5 day. I watch that Houdini movie every one of those nights. I got hooked on doing magic. I read every book I could find. Bought tricks when I found them at A&H Drugs store. Would flip a quarter down my fingers, and dream of being a Magician on stage. I loved watching the TV specials with the big name Magicians doing their magic. I even watch Bill Bixby in the TV show “The Magician.” The pilot for that show was filmed in Seattle, I never saw Bill, but it was still cool to know he and the show were once in my backyard… so to speak.

Being Magical

Here I am at 54, almost 55, I have finally comes full circle back to being the “PAID ENTERTAINER” that I always dreamed of being. I have 30 some years of performing under my belt. Working a crowd. Feeling their brilliant energy and giving back to them the wonder, the magic of being up there in front of them. I became an actor for most of my performing life. Every once an awhile I’d do a gig where you would break the 4th wall and be one-on-one with the audience. I found that I liked working the smaller groups, the engagement was more intimate, more personal. I started to see how a career as a party enterainer would fit my personality better.

Being Magical
The magic image is…

Father Yule as a Santa for hire, a Magician, Master Detective for Murder Mystery Events. This gives me 12 months of work as Father Yule.

The magic I do is as a “Street Magician” mostly consists of sleight of hand, card tricks, and occasionally mentalism… without a doubt the most important part is the ability to draw in and hold your audience… that’s the greatest skill and the best magic of all.

Being Magical

My signature trick and funnest magic I do is “THE NIGHT SKY IN A JAR TRICK!”

You can book me for your Party at https://www.gigsalad.com/father_yule_john_rakestraw_springfield

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