Father Yule’s Story

Father Yule's Story

Father Yule’s Story started many years ago in the wild hills and mountains of Scotland. Father Yule was a normal family guy. He was known to work hard to feed his loving family, wife and children. They were a happy family. Though they had little money, as were the times. They would sit each night around the fire, sang songs and laughed at all the funny stories told by Father Yule. Then, as the children began to fall asleep, he and his wife would carry each one to their warm beds and tuck them in for the night. They would all sleep brilliantly and dream happy thoughts.

He lived in a time when the Vikings would raid the countryside looking for food, women and children. Father Yule kept moving his family further into the hill and then the mountains to hide them from the Vikings. He would have to go on longer and longer hunts to find food for his family. While Father yule was away for days, he would make gifts for all of them as he sat by his fire dreaming of the time they would all be together again.

Finally his hunt was over and he headed home to the family, he was looking forward to the hugs, seeing their eyes full of joy for the food and the gifts he had made them. He got back to the camp that he had left them at in the mountains and no one was their. It look like they had to leave the camp in a hurry. He went searching all the other camps that they had stayed at in the hills and mountain. He found them at none. Father Yule cried and cried. He had made toys and gifts for them and now there was no one to give them to. He searched and searched for his family for days and weeks. He never could find them. He started to just wander with no aim in his life any more. He would see other children like his own, but who were poorer than his family was. He would see that they barely had enough food to eat. In fact, the children only had one pair of warm stockings and cloths. They had no gifts and toys. No one would sit at the fires and tell funny stories to them.

Father Yule’s story could have become a sad tale, but for one thing… sharing his love!

That day Father Yule went hunting. He got many breast to eat and picked berries and some wild vegetables. He stopped by the baker in the village and asked for some old bread. He gathered the food up in sacks that he carried his family’s gifts in. Yes, he still carried those gifts that he made for his family… in hopes that he would one day find them. He went to each of the poor family’s house just as everyone went to bed. He would tiptoe through the house, laid the meal out onto the table, and placed the gifts, those very gifts he made for is loving family, into the children’s stockings that were hung over the fire to dry.

The families woke the next morning and found the brilliant gifts left for them. They didn’t know where it had come from, never mind, they were so happy to have the gifts and the wonderful feast. Father Yule would stand back and watch the families have a good feast and enjoy the gifts. He never stopped searching for his family.

Father Yule’s story was now one of joy, love and caring.

All year Father Yule traveled from place to place staying with families, sitting at their fires telling funny stories helping the parent tuck in the kids at night. He worked very hard to visit each and every home and bring gifts to the good children living there. He wishes them good caring hearts, filled with hope and love. He wishes them all good parents and the ability to learn about good things.

His still out there searching for his own loving family. He knows that he’s apart of a bigger family that has found love in their hearts for him… His broken heart heals a little bit each time a new family find the love to share with the community around them.

Father Yule’s story isn’t over…

Father Yule's Story

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