First Night of Blocking…

First Night of Blocking… | Shakespeare’s A MIDSUMMER NIGHT’S DREAM, staring Father Yule John Rakestraw | Elizabethan Era Had A Total Different Thought & Thinking Process | The Actor and his Text | Old Fart Goes Back to Doing Live Theatre!

Shakespeare’s A MIDSUMMER NIGHT’S DREAM, staring Father Yule John Rakestrawfirst nigh of blocking

Our great director Rob Newcomer and his wonderful co-director/stand-in/stage-manager/ Goddess and all around brilliant lady, Kristen McLeod, they blocked, giving actor the places they stand and move to and adding the comedy fun stuff to make it all fun, the first few scenes of Act One. The few actors that show up tonight for ‘Midsummer’ rehearsal, the grand lover and leading actor of his age, David Alonso Rodriguez (as Lysander,) I as Egeus, the great talent of (10 yrs) Xela Church (as Philostrate,) she truly knows how to, “Stir up the Athenian youth to merriments,” and Rob stood in as Theseus (by the way we do need a new Theseus, our last one needed to step out of the show. These things happen. If you live in the Eugene area and want to be a part of a great show please join us.) Our wonderfully talented stage manager and Goddess – Kristen McLeod also stood in as Hippolyta, Hermia and as Flute (aka Thisby) tonight, that amazing (10 yrs) talent, Xela Church, also stepped in and did Snug (The Loin.) I did a passible job as Egeus and a much better Peter Quince. Rob stole the rehearsal with his brilliantly funny Nick Bottom. Great fun was had on top of Skinner’s Butte tonight between great thespians!

As Peter Quince is like to say and I paraphrase…

“Meet me on top of Skinner’s Butte, a mile within the
Town, by evening light; there will we rehearse,
We do need some more actors to fill out our cast,
In the meantime, I pray you, fail me not, and join our merry band ”

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