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You know that feeling you get sometimes…the one where you want to do something good in your life… but you don’t know how, where, when and even the why at times.

…I had that feeling for 53 years. Then I saw a Santa at Walmart, a kid they talked into sitting in a chair near a bad fake fireplace. I couldn’t believe that Walmart would hurt a Holiday icon like that. And I decided I could do a better Santa Claus. I started growing my beard, the HOW… (I ordered my suit from Wales England.) Started taking classes from a real Santa for hire, Santa Ed. That’s WHY & HOW I got started.

Since then the WHERE & WHEN have come along beautifully, the support has been extraordinary. I guess we all want a better Holiday Season!

Father Yule is my new lease on life and a great purpose.

So let’s all work together to make sure children still have their imaginations working, (It truly makes healthier & happier kids… plus you actually see real smiles for the Holidays.)


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