Fully Interactive Murder Mystery Show

The Fully Interactive Murder Mystery Show is a killer event for all occasions. Our immensely popular murder mystery events are set in any place, time & theme you care to pick or dream.

Fully Interactive Murder Mystery Show

Unlike other murder mystery dinner shows (or just dinner shows in general), with The Master Detective, you and your guests will not find themselves staring at cheesy costumes, there will be no recited campy dialogue and certainly no hokey song and dance. You are the suspects (the performers.) All mystery scripts are created in house written just for your event. From the get go, your guests will see family, friends, even co-worker playing suspects. All the guests and the suspects will get clues in envelopes (30 clues to the killer.) Master Detectives John Rakestraw explains the mystery and how to play, brings the suspects forward and start the investigation. This allows your guests to socialize with and interrogate each of them, while deciphering real life-based clues. This adds to the interactive and unique nature of our events. At the end of the night, a murderous time is had by all!

Murder is a messy business… let us take care of the bloody details.

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