Fun Party Idea… Father Yule

How to Hire the Jolly Old Elf himself… no one does jolly like that brilliant old elf, Santa. Thinking of adding the “ho-ho-ho” factor at your store, family or corporate party? Here’s how to hire a Father Yule who’s appropriate for your special event.

Consider Your Needs and Expectations for a ‘Fun Party Idea.’

It’s important to decide what you want from your Santa…

Is he there to have children sitting on his lap and collect Christmas wishes?

Would you like him to be a storyteller?

Know how to pose for that fantastic on the spot photograph?

Lead a sing-along of popular carols?

Some Santa’s are better at certain activities than others.

Search Online and look at Google images of Santa’s.

Professional Santas are available across the U.S., both independently and through talent agencies. Check out their online profiles — and don’t hesitate to get ahold of them through their “Contact Santa” pages.

Another great option: Visit their Gigsalad Promokit, that site can also often have helpful client feedback and reviews about the them. Check out what previous customers say about these Santa’s and how well each of them made the magic of Santa come alive.

Email or call that Santa and talk with them. Chatting with your potential Santa Claus, either on the phone, email or even in person, should give you a sense of what their like.

Helpful questions include:

•What does Santa offer as part of his appearance (singing, storytelling, etc.?)
•How long does each appearance last?
•Can Santa stay longer than the contracted time, if circumstances warrant it?
•What is his base rate? Is there an additional charge for a visit that runs beyond the contracted time?

Get their Background Check. Obviously, anyone you hire should be thoroughly vetted. As part of your screening process make sure they including a national criminal records database and national sexual offender database background check.) Does this prospective Santa Claus have entertainer liability insurance too?

As with any event that is set around a Holiday, those special timse of the year… it’s best to book your Santa as early as possible. If you haven’t taken action yet, start today. There’s still time to find the perfect Santa for your Christmas celebration.

Have fun and enjoy the Holiday Season.

Merry Christmas!

From Father Yule,

John Rakestraw

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