Fund Raising And Murder Mystery Events

Fund Raising And Murder Mystery Events

Fund Raising And Murder Mystery Events Are A Great Way To Have Fun, Help Your Worthy Cause And Have A Murderous Entertaining Time

Murder mystery parties are really good fund raiser ideas – whether it’s for the your church group, PTA for school, or just your favorite charity.


Here I’ve included some tips for using murder mystery games as fund raisers, and even ideas like… having prizes, auctions, costumes, food, even dancing and a DJ for music if you want to go that route.

Some of the Murder Mystery Party Companies have conditions over using their games for fund raising – WE DO NOT.

We would love to help you plan a murderous night, tailored to the unique interests of you and your party guests. Whether you are planning an intimate dinner party for four or an entire murder mystery weekend for hundreds, we can help make your killer party the perfect murder mystery event.

Hosting A Murder
Team Building Mystery Fun!
Planning your murder mystery party
More mysteries to choose from!
Fund Raising And Murder Mystery Events… they can work together!

I would love to have a KILLER time with you and your group.

If you like the sound of running a murder mystery event as a fund raiser idea, your next step should be to find out about the Mystery that company is offering. Our big party Mystery has 6 suspects and 1 victim… the rest of your guests will be private investigators, (they could come dressed as their favorite fictional detectives.) You can have your 6 suspects either in on knowing the whole mystery (who the real killer is or they play blind in that part (not knowing even if they are the killer. That way they can play too.)

Fund Raising And Murder Mystery Events

You will find that running a murder mystery party for a large number of people at your fund raiser is very different from one for a dozen or so. If nothing else, there’s a bigger chance of Murphy’s Law happening (“If something can go wrong, it will.”)


Prepare in advance: Everything is going to take longer, so make sure you start well in advance. Don’t wait until the last minute before choosing your game – give yourself at least a month. Ideally, give yourself even longer.

Buffet Meal: The larger murder mystery games are all “interactive” in style, rather than the dinner-party games. So that means a buffet meal, or finger food so that your guests can wander around the room with a drink and a plate in their hand. Make sure you have lots of places for people to leave their plates and glasses as they play.

Fund Raising And Murder Mystery Events

Plenty of Help: Don’t try to do everything yourself. If possible, recruit some help. You might want someone to help with running the murder mystery (that’s where we come in, helping to keep the party rolling along.) You might also want someone else in charge of food or drinks ( we don’t that.) Don’t try to do it all yourself.

Drinks: Make sure you have a good supply of soft drinks & bottle water. Your guests will be talking throughout the game, and are bound to become very thirsty.

Don’t worry about the murder mystery yourself – if you hire us you’ll be able help solve and even play a part in the mystery.

Play safe: Don’t forget to play safe! Props are great – but don’t ever use props for weapons.

Fund Raising And Murder Mystery Events

Fund Raising And Murder Mystery Events should be fun not work… for you that is. Leave the messy part of murder to us pros.

You can’t please all of the people all of the time: Which is to say that you should expect one or two problems and maybe even a complaint. There’s not that much you can do about that – it doesn’t seem to matter how well organized an event is, someone finds something to complain about. So be prepared to handle problems… that where I come in. I take the blame and work out the killing into the game as we go on… just kidding… really… they show up a few days later… in Las Vegas… that what I’m told by Luigi… Who am I to question…

PRIZES (these are provided by you)

Something else to consider for your fund raiser is the matter of prizes.

Maybe for…

Best Costume
Most Valuable Player
Best Roleplayer
Most Outrageous Accent
And brilliant things like that.

The best way I have found when allocating prizes is to let everyone vote for them (although this might be impractical at a really large event).

The prizes themselves might be a simple certificate (you can get these from office suppliers), a box of chocolates, bottle of wine – or something more suited to the game itself.

Yes, Murder Mystery Events can make fun and entertaining fundraiser… but, like any event, there is no guarantee on how much you will raise.

You can add other fundraising idea to do that night…

Buy a clue
Have people go around selling detective/investigator tools of the trade.
Auctions off who wants to be the murder victim (only for a few moments. And then they get to come back alive to solve their own murder.)

Fund Raising And Murder Mystery Events

There are many ways to play…

Murder is a messy business, let us help take care of the dirty details!

Fund Raising And Murder Mystery Events.

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