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If you’re new to the Applegate Regional Theatre the best place to start is working on a show as one of the crew members (props, lights, sound, set crew, dressing) or to work as an usher (handing out playbills, showing patrons their seats). There are many opportunities for you. Contact The Applegate Regional Theatre to find out more.

You can come to our Theatre Board Meetings… we have them twice a month, on the first Wednesday and the third Wednesday of the month at 6:30 PM. We would be honored to see you there.

Applegate Regional Theatre
87230 Central Road (Corner of Central & Fleck near Veneta,Oregon… down from the Fern Ridge Reservoir.)
Ph. 541-935-3636

Here are some other brilliant ways to be involved…

Actors: Anyone who ever wanted to act, from someone with no experience to the most seasoned actor, is welcome to audition. Make sure to check our Auditions page for upcoming opportunities.

Ushers: They greet the public, take tickets, help people find their seats, and hand out programs. Ushers are friendly and helpful. This is a great way to get started and meet a lot of people. Plus you get to see the show.

Costume Crew: This position is instrumental in building costumes as well as putting finishing touches on worn projects.

Stage Crew: Building the set. The place where the actors act!

Running Crew: This position is the perfect opportunity to learn and experience what happens behind the scenes of a theatrical production. Crew members are responsible for any sound or special effects needed from backstage and changing the set during scene breaks and at intermission. Running crew is also used to set props both backstage and on stage before and during performances.

Light Board Operator: This position runs the programmable light board during a show.

Properties Coordinators: They are responsible for helping find or build the hand props used by actors, including real food or drink for each performance. They also prepare and help place the properties prior to the show each night with the running crew.

Sound Operators: Run our sound equipment, which including music and sound effects for a show.

Box Office Helpers: These volunteers take ticket orders in the box office from patrons over the phone, in person.

If you’ve ever wanted to get a little taste of the stage or would like more information on participating at The Applegate Regional Theatre, please call the Theatre at 541-935-3636.

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