Get to Know Father Yule John

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Get to Know Father Yule John

Get to Know Father Yule John!

I have over 30 years of entertaining kids of all ages… from 1 to 92+ years of age. Father Yule/Santa Claus/Father Christmas is by far my favorite to play. You get to bring joy and happiness to all you meet. I sing, tell stories and play a brilliant Kazoo. The 30 minute show I do will be a memory that will last a life time.

I love being Father Yule for the holidays, I live the spirit of that wonderful, brilliant, jolly old Elf all year long. I hope to help you make the most beautiful, loving Holiday party of your dreams.

I have many years of working with people who have disabilities. The last 11 years I was a School Bus Driver of students with disabilities and now I’m a School Bus Aide. I interact with students all day. Words, when used carelessly, hurt as much as any injury. It’s imperative that everyone understand and use terms for people with disabilities that explain, not ridicule or humiliate. We need to use terms that are helpful in maintain their dignity and let’s them know that we see the person and not just their disabilities. This helps to open the door for meaningful dialogue, as well as recognizing them as a part of that group and community. They bring their special magic to the world. Love, understanding and caring about the people we interact with is the hallmark of my Santa for hire.

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Get to Know Father Yule John

I have done over 100+ stage show… everything from Shakespeare to Musical Comedies.

Here’s a LIVE 2 hour TV show I did as Santa in 2016

Some of my favorite parts have been; Dr. Watson in the Hounds of the Baskervilles, Nathan Detroit in Guys & Dolls, Orgon in Tartuffe, Dr. Lyman in Bus Stop, Herr Schultz in Cabaret. I love the great art of acting. We get a part handed to us and all we have is the words on a page from the playwright to build a living, breathing, 3D character from those words on a page and our imagination. It’s magical and scary all at the same time.

Those were brilliant parts I played on stage… Father Yule/Santa Claus is a real living person I became years ago. Getting to Know Father Yule John Rakestraw. I live this calling everyday, the spirit of Christmas lives inside of me every hour, of every day of my life. You wait for that sign, a letter, a call, a knowing look from the people working at the mall with Santa.

One brilliant day you get the nod… the look! My time has come, Get to Know Father Yule John, as he comes one of the living symbol of the Holiday Season, THE TRUE CHRISTMAS SPIRIT… SANTA CLAUS!

This is a part I was born to live. Help me share the magic of the Holiday Season.


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