The Gig Economy for Entertainers

The Gig Economy is the driving force of actors, entertainers, costume characters, Santa and other Holiday talent and all the brilliant people who sing, juggle, twist balloons, do magic… they have long been part of the gig economy. Roles and benefits come and go unpredictably. Side jobs with flexible hours are a fact of life. The performers I know have been office managers, S.A.T. tutors, dog-walkers, P.R. assistants, financial advisers, and, of course, waiters. Many run their own small businesses. Even when roles do come along, they can be a financial strain. You can be in a sold-out Off Broadway show that’s critically acclaimed and even extended twice, and still not be able to pay your bills. The world of working professional entertainers isn’t one that’s has you rolling in the money… most times it’s two or three jobs and hope one comes with health benefits.

The Gig Economy for Entertainers

It’s the love and wonder of performing that keeps us at it. We hope to hit the big time, but mostly it’s the gigs and the next job that make you feel fantastic as the crowd gives you a laugh, the aahs and please more.

Plus, what I hear… this statistic is harsh and eye opening… 800 million people are expected to lose their jobs due to automation by 2030, that’s the next 12 years. But positions (jobs) that call for a human touch… therapists, teachers, nannies should be likely safe. Jobs that require manual dexterity, will likely remain with the human… and the best part for us entertainers, those who get by on creative and emotional gigs will hopefully keep plugging along. Is your job going to be around 12 years from now?

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