, Hire Father Yule John Rakestraw


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Why book Father Yule John Rakestraw?

Are you looking for an EXTRAORDINARY Real Bearded Father Yule / Father Christmas / Santa Claus to appear at your company holiday party, community event, home party or on TV or Streaming video (Skype/Google Hangout On Air)?

Make your Holiday Festivities even more festive with a Santa Claus for hire. This Father Christmas can sing, tell stories, and get all of your guests in the Holiday spirit.

Based in Eugene and Springfield, Oregon, Father Yule, John Rakestraw, is available throughout the year in Oregon.

If you want a truly one of a kind Santa Claus visit through, then I’m the Santa for you. Santa John will consult with you about your children’s names, what they are currently interested in, and about Christmas gifts from the past. We bring our own on staff photographer to your home and set up. Then Santa John will make a big entrance and greet your children by name. They will be mesmerized by his authenticity and personality as he tells stories about life at the North Pole. Santa Claus will perform his unique first person version of “The Elf and Children Who Saved Christmas” (Those children in the story will be the your children) and He’ll have everyone singing Christmas songs while he plays the Kazobo (A Big Giant Kazoo.) While all of this is going on, our professional photographer will be capturing photos. Santa Claus will then listen to the hopes and dreams of each child and adult. And finally the joy of handing out gifts that you have provided to each person. Santa will also give to each child an old English Penny and tell a story about it and sing “Merry Christmas to you,” with the whole group. Fun photographs of your children with Santa John will be taken, including several specific poses guaranteed to be treasured by you for years to come. Family pictures are also included.

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