You Got the Gig! [Client’s Name] Booked You on Gigsalad

You Got the Gig!

You Got the Gig! Some of my favorite email and text notes is… [Client’s Name] booked you on Gigsalad.

Now it’s time to write the Murder Mystery Event script. The group picks a theme, this group went with the Wild West one. I have a general outline for each theme and from there I add my magic and imagination to that idea making the mystery unique for this group.

I have two different Murder Mystery Event that we do… the Murder Mystery Clues Game — It’s you and your guests job to discover who committed the murder, what weapon they used to do it, and where it took place. You will do this by engaging in a little bribery or gambling, perhaps even a little blackmail. You will find envelopes containing clue cards of the possible suspects, locations, and murder weapons that were involved in the murder. There are also more of these clue cards with fun activities and curses that will help or hinder you finding the true murderer.


30 Clues to a Killer! You have 4 to 10 suspects (these are people in your group who are willing to roleplay a killer.) I hand out information about the suspect that they’re roleplaying a few weeks before the party. They shouldn’t share any of this info with anyone else in the game until the time that the rules and facilitator of the game say to do so. The suspects should use the information provided in the Role Player Information to answer the questions. Suspects can withhold any bits of the information, they can lie if they would like to. BUT BEWARE THAT IN THE 30+ ENVELOPES OF CLUES WILL BE THE TRUTH TO ALL THE CLUES. YOU COULD GET CAUGHT IN A LIE. Plus, you shouldn’t offer information unless the investigators specifically ask for it. Good investigators must ask the right questions to get the correct info. The guest who don’t take on a role of a suspect will play an investigator (think about coming to the event as your favorite fictional detective, P.I., copper, lawyer or criminal.) The facilitator hands out the 30+ clue envelopes (the number could be more if the event has a larger guest list.)

Murders a messy business… clues, red harrings, suspects and a mystery to solve!

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