Groom Worth $100 Million Clams… LIVE Mystery Events

Groom Worth $100 Million Clams

LIVE Mystery Events!

Father Yule Master Detective opened up his case files and reads a mystery to us… one that we can try and solve. All you have to do is follow along with all the clues, red harrings, suspects and motives to find the killer(s).

He will stop at the “smoking gun” spot (which is about 75% to 80% into the mystery) and try to get everyone up to speed with all the clues and suspects.

Groom Worth $100 Million Clams

The Mystery is at a wedding were we find out the groom once married is going to be worth $100 Million clams. That enough for many people to want his money… is death one of them?

Suspect… A Dirty deeds done dirt cheap guy, an ex-girlfriend wanted her man back, and there’s always the bride, she’s no innocent, that’s what I hear. It could even be the Groom playing some double cross. In love and war… sorry… marriage, there are no rules.

It will be a murderous time…

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