Halloween Selfie Party

Halloween Selfie Party

Halloween Selfie Party

Why a Selfie Booth?

Let’s face it… a photographer roaming your party would be great… but would cost, money… lots of money! Plus you’d have to pay for all those photos and you’d have to wait for them to be sent back to you and your guest later… weeks later.

How about the Selfie Scene…

Guests take their own photos when they’re ready… with their own smartphones, tablets or even their own cameras. Everyone gets a instant souvenir of the event right then and there! That they can text, email or share on their social media instantly. Forgot your camera? No problem! We can help you capture this moment with our own Polaroid Z2300 Digital Instant Print Camera. Remember those instant print cameras from Polaroid years and years ago? Well, they’re still around and they have gotten better. We can take 2″ X 3″ instant prints for you. They comes out of the camera ready to view. No more standing there waiting for the picture to slowly fade in as you wave it about. Our crew will be happy to take your pictures and you can pick the ones you like the best and have them printed out for you. 

Nothing gets your guests talking and mingling and laughing like the Selfie Scene. It’s an instant connector and friend maker. Add photo props and a custom background for unforgettably fun photos for your Halloween party.

We can also do other great events…

School, Sporting & Corporate Events
Bar/Bat Mitzvahs
Any kind of party – themed or not!
Quinceanearas / Sweet 16
Charity Events

How to nail that almost epic family or group selfie…

Not in the zen kind of way, although that isn’t actually a bad idea. We’re being pretty literal, though. Getting everyone into a family or group selfie — particularly if you have a group of four or more — can be the trickiest part. Taking the shot from the center is always a safe bet. Have one person in the front hold the camera directly in front of the family and fire away. For a simple variation, you can center your phone at a slightly higher angle and have everyone look up at the lens. Plus, remember to squeeeeeeeze everyone into the frame of the picture.

The Selfie Scene is a great party scene!

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