Halloween, The Start of the Holiday Season

Halloween was and should still be a good time of the year to remember all the fun times we had as kids with our friends and family being together and sharing treats with each other.


We would go to each other’s houses in our neighborhoods safe in the knowledge that it was fun to dress up and say, “trick or treat!” at their doors. That spirit of good cheer. That wish of fun and treating each other with either a treat or a trick… or both.

The spirit of the Holidays whispers softly in our souls, “be of good cheer.”

What is the spirit of Halloween any way? FUN AND IMAGINATION!

Halloween is almost upon us, time to get into the holiday spirit… I hear this all over when the Holiday season is near. It’s almost as if we put it on like an old coat we have in the back of the closet.

Thus will begin the annual fight with the Holidays lights, their laying in a boxed all tangled somewhere.

In a brief fit of Holiday zeal we rearrange the house and start moving furniture around to accommodate it all… Halloween first, then Veterans Day, then the slow march to Thanksgiving and then the rush through to get up the Christmas tree. I always feel like I’m testing my will and strength against the couch… a heroic quest with the mighty enemy, the “Couch” (To be honest… the couch has won for the last few years.)

I am reminded of a quote from somewhere, “If you don’t have the Christmas spirit in you heart, it won’t be find in a box under the tree.”

But for some reason we still think it a feeling we put on once a year like those tangle of lights in a box.

See that’s the thing… the Holiday spirit shouldn’t be boxed up and put away for another year. The Holiday stuff can go away, the lights all tangled can be thrown in a box and be forgotten. That’s just the stuff of all the Holidays. The spirit of them can live outside those boxes all year long. The magic of this brilliant time of year should live in our hearts and souls.

Remember the tangle lights aren’t the Holiday spirit… that’s when you help a person, give a smile to child, give a tip, say a word of kindness and care for that wild cat that drops by every now the then.

Happy Halloween just to start and feel that wonderful fall weather coming in… help keep that spirit alive by all the brilliant things you do and care about.

This is Father Yule, wishing a brilliant Holiday season starting now in our hearts and souls.

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