Hire Santa for Party

Hire Santa for Party

Hire Santa for Party

HIRE Father Yule / Father Christmas / Santa Claus for your party all year long.

CALL (541)-579-1217 or ONLINE at Contact Santa

Are you looking to Hire Santa for Party?

Let Father Yule John Rakestraw, a professional Santa, delight you with the spirit and excitement of the holidays all year long at your special event! Father Yule John has years of experience and will make your event a memorable one for both children and adults. Father Yule John loves the holidays and he’s dedicated to being the “Best Santa Claus” for your event! From large corporate holiday bashes to an intimate gathering with love ones of all kinds, no Holiday or party is complete without a visit from old Father Christmas anytime of the year.

He Delivers Wonderful Live Entertainment Right To Your Door or through LIVE Video Santa Chats.

Rent a Santa Today. Father Yule John has a real beard and is a great storyteller.

Santa John Loves Birthday Parties

Party planning can get monotonous without fresh ideas to pull from year after year. That’s why Santa John has become a favorite source for birthday fun and with a engaging birthday party entertainer.

Here’s a few brilliant tips for Birthday Party Planning:

1) First pick a theme for your birthday party. Planning the rest of the activities and decorations will all depend on your theme.
2) Birthday party entertainment should be booked next. During busy months (especially those with holidays), Santa John gets booked quickly. You won’t want to miss out on your first choice. Book Santa John for your party fun early.
3) If planning an outdoor gathering, make sure you have a backup location in case of bad weather.
4) Most important… Plan for fun. Santa John’s middle-name is fun!

Hope to hear from you soon!

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