Hospital of Murder

Hospital of Murder… Death sits in the waiting room reading a magazine bidding its time.

Hospital of Murder

I have a few scripts sitting around with dust on them… why not throw them up here on the internet. Sometimes you just like to write in the format that works best for you… scripts work great for me. Some have become Murder Mystery Event Shows and other will now become these…

Please enjoy the murder and mayhem…


Nurse: Doctor someone locked the Pharmacy again, I can’t get in there to gather up all the pills for this floor’s patients.

Doctor: Damn it, we unlock that freaking door so that you nurses can get your work done and we Doctors can get through our rounds. I’ll unlock it again and make sure you put something in the way of the door closing this time. I always hate these auto locking doors around here. (Hear footsteps, keys in lock and door opening.) Well that weird! The lights are off in here. I’ll just turn them on (light switch)—OH MY GOD!

Nurse: What is it Doctor?

Doctor: Don’t look it’s gruesome. You call 911 and I’ll call for the Hospital security.

Nurse: The Dispatcher will want details, what do I tell them?

Doctor: Tell them it looks like two murders and pills have been stolen from the 2nd floor pharmacy.

Nurse: Oh my heavens who’s been killed?

Doctor: Pharmacist Wesley and X-ray tech Mrs. Kent. Hurry call 911.

(Emergency sirens)

Inspector Lance Gilbert: Nurse, you found the Pharmacy locked and got the doctor here to unlock the door. When you both got it open, you noticed that lights were off. Is that correct so far?

Nurse: Yes, Inspector Gilbert that’s when we turned on the lights and found the X-ray tech and the Pharmacist were all tied up, blindfolded and gagged—

Inspector Lance Gilbert: Both were that way? Did you notice that the victim’s ties weren’t bloody—

Doctor: Inspector Gilbert, I’m the Doctor on duty and I actually found them. They were all tied up. I thought they were both killed. It turned out, thankfully, that they weren’t. Only poor Pharmacist Wesley was killed. X-ray tech Kent she was still breathing and came around after we gave her some first aide and oxygen. The robber must’ve used ether on her. She still a bit shaken by the whole ordeal.

Inspector Lance Gilbert: In your medical opinion is she able to be questioned at this time.

Doctor: Yes, though she might be a little confused and not always make sense. I feel that she can be questioned.

Inspector Lance Gilbert: Thank you Doctor. Mrs. Kent… that is your name correct?

Mrs. Kent: Oh, yes. Kent is right, Inspector.

Inspector Lance Gilbert: Are you really feeling well enough for me taking your statement at this time?

Mrs. Kent: Oh, yes. I’ll do my best. I can down the hall, you see, to the Pharmacy to get supplies for the X-ray room. I open the door and found the Pharmacist all tied up, blindfolded and gagged—

Doctor: She must’ve walk-in on the robbery of our Pharmacy. The robber most likely grab her and put the ether to her mouth and nose quickly after she enter.

Mrs. Kent: No, I saw—

Doctor: Mrs. Kent I have treated hundreds of people who have been through shocking experience just like you have today—

Inspector Lance Gilbert: Doctor I know that you’re trying to be helpful and I appreciate your concern. But I really do want to hear Mrs. Kent’s statement in her our words. Please go on.

Mrs. Kent: As I said before… I saw the Pharmacist, Mr. Wesley, gagged, blindfolded and tied to the chair. There was another person in the room with a surgical mask and gown on. He was stealing pills off the shelves. He had a bag with him that he was stuffing the pills into.

Inspector Lance Gilbert: Did this person see you?

Mrs. Kent: No, I tipped toed in and Mr. Wesley looked my way and motioned for me to come over to him—

Inspector Lance Gilbert: And you still weren’t noticed?

Mrs. Kent: No, Inspector. Poor Mr. Wesley was tied up and sitting in a chair, he moved the chair by accident and it made a sound which tip off the robber and he turned to see us both—

Inspector Lance Gilbert: What did you do next?

Mrs. Kent: I tried to run but the robber grab and pulled me in tight and whispered in my ear, if I cry out or try to make any noise he would kill me! He then grab some surgical tape and put it over my mouth, tape my hands and arms behind my back and blindfolded me with gauze and tape.

Inspector Lance Gilbert: What an ordeal for you, what happened next?

Mrs. Kent: The robber pushed me to the floor and I saw Mr. Wesley start to struggle and try to get loose to help me—

Inspector Lance Gilbert: Poor Mr. Wesley wasn’t able to get loose was he?

Mrs. Kent: No. But he died trying to… he kept struggling and the robber panicked and started to stab Mr. Wesley with a scalpel. It was horrible to watch… blood everywhere. Poor Mr. Wesley he tried to fight that awful killer with his feet and legs. The killer only stabbed at him more until he stopped moving.

Inspector Lance Gilbert: Is that when the killer turn towards you?

Mrs. Kent: Yes… (crying) I thought I was next to die. I tried to get away from the killer, I scooted back away towards the door and even tried to hide behind some boxes nearby. It was no good, he came towards me… but then he stop and looked at the shelves nearby and grab the ether and rag and use it on me. He put the rag with ether over my nose and mouth with a wicked smile on his face. I don’t remember much after that, until I was woken up the nurse and Doctor there.

Inspector Lance Gilbert: You don’t have to remember it at all Mrs. Kent. You imagination has been working over-time so far… the lies you have told so far are great storytelling. You are an entertaining liar.

Mrs. Kent: Lies? What lies? I was describing what I saw!

Inspector Lance Gilbert: That’s the problem Mrs. Kent… it what you saw that makes you a liar. You might have picked up a great talent from working with x-rays. But I don’t believe you can have x-ray eyes and vision? Since you and Mr. Wesley were blindfolded for a good part of the crime. How you were able to see it all happen and how was a blindfolded Mr. Wesley able to see you and motion for you to come in. It might have been better to have the Doctor here talk for you instead after all. But he might’ve got you off of being arrest for stabbing murder of Mr. Wesley with a scalpel and also theft.

Mrs. Kent: I didn’t kill anyone, Inspector. I saw the horrible killing. I did help steal drugs. But I’m not going to jail as a murderer. I’m a drug addict, user of pills and shot… that I steal from this pharmacy. But I’m not going down as a killer of anyone. I should have let the doctor over there talk for us both—

Inspector Lance Gilbert: What do you mean by ‘talk for you both?’

Mrs. Kent: Damn… I should’ve got my story strength. I talked too much! Well, I’m not going down alone—

Doctor: Now Mrs. Kent, it’s best to keep your mouth shut. Until you have a lawyer present.

Mrs. Kent: You SOB… it was you who killed Mr. Wesley. Inspector Gilbert you were right about poor Mr. Wesley walking in on me stealing the drugs… but I wasn’t alone. The lead Doctor on duty was right there with me. He a surgeon and used his scalpel to kill Mr. Wesley. We had been stealing from the Pharmacy for months. We both use some and sold the rest. The Doctor has a gambling habit to feed. It was never part if the plan to kill someone. But the Doctor had no problem killing Mr. Wesley in cold blood!

Inspector Lance Gilbert: Then you both tied up Mr. Wesley and blindfolded him. I did notice right off that the victim’s ties, that were holding him, were not as bloody as the rest of the victim’s clothes. As if they were put on after the victim was killed. This Doctor here then tied you up Mrs. Kent and quickly change his bloody white coat for a clean one.

Nurse: I do remember seeing the Doctor changing his coat earlier. I just thought he had got it dirty on his rounds. Now that I think about it he did have a bag with him. I once again thought it was his lunch.

Doctor: Inspector, you’re going to believe the word of a drugie and now a killer like Mrs. Kent? She just trying to get herself off the hook for murder and pinning it on someone else.

Mrs. Kent: I can prove that he was the killer, I have the scalpel he used to kill Mr. Wesley with, and it even has his initials on it T. M. See here it is!

Inspector Lance Gilbert: What is your name Doctor?

Doctor: I plead the 5th and want my lawyer present.

Mrs. Kent: I’ll tell you his name, Inspector, Dr. Theodore Much.

Inspector Lance Gilbert: Is she telling the truth Nurse… is that his name?

Nurse: Yes, Dr. Theodore Much the 3rd… he does have his initials on everything he owns. As if we’re all thieves around here ourselves.

Doctor: My family’s name stand for something in this town—

Mrs. Kent: Oh, yes, it stands for something alright. Inspector he’s the turd in his family.

Inspector Lance Gilbert: I see that there truly is no honor among thieves. You both are under arrest for the murder of the Pharmacist Wesley and stealing drugs. Dr. Much you will have your lawyer, after I book you downtown and get you a nice orange jail jumper to wear. I want you to be dress for the part of a killer. The prison’s hospital can use you, they need professional bedpan cleaners… Murder is most foul.

We hope to see you next time here on the internet. This is Master Detective Father Yule John Rakestraw wishing you a murderous entertaining week.

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