Hosting A Murder

Hosting a murder mystery party should be fun and exciting…

Hosting A Murder

To make that happen you need to invite fun murder mystery guests. I love the thrill of emailing the fun party guests tips about the up coming mystery… get them in the playful Sherlock Holmes mood before the party by emailing them clues or even red herrings or some brilliant tips on how to be better detectives. You can even send them ideas about what to wear or what kind of prizes they may win if you have contests and the categories they could win those prizes in!

(I get excited just thinking about it now!)

We would love to help you plan a murderous night, tailored to the unique interests of you and your party guests. Whether you are planning an intimate dinner party for four or an entire murder mystery weekend for hundreds, we can help make your killer party the perfect murder mystery event.

Team Building Mystery Fun!
Planning your murder mystery party
Fund Raising And Murder Mystery Events… they can work together!
More mysteries to choose from!
Hosting A Murder

I would love to have a KILLER time with you and your group.

What is Hosting a Murder Mystery Party a suitable event for?

They’re so many… Birthday Parties for all ages, Team Building, Social Clubs, Graduation Parties, Xmas in July Themed Party, Christmas Party, School Reunion, Any Reunion Parties, New Year’s Eve Theme Party, Engagement Themed Party, Halloween Theme Party, Friday 13th party, Dinner Party, Cruise Party, Corporate Events, Product Launches Party, Retirement Party and many more!

You truly want to introduce your murder mystery event with gusto and a bang, instead of a fizzle and a thud… though sometimes a body must fall… so, a thud can happen.

Alcohol and murder mystery events – do they mix? Good question? Should you serve alcohol at your murder mystery party?

Alcohol is fine as long as it’s legal in the place your using or at your home and all the licensing has been taken care of by the people serving the drinks. Make sure that everyone who gets a alcoholic drink is of age. You don’t want to get in trouble with the law here. If there is ever a question if alcohol should be use… and no one knows the right answer? don’t use it.

I love a mystery… I love it when you can interact with the suspects and ask questions and even see the evidence table. When I was a kid there was a great TV show called Ellery Queen… right near the end of the show Ellery would ask you, the TV audience, if you knew whodunit. He’d go over the evidence and the suspects and say, “I think I know who it is, how about you?”

Make sure you have all the guests, all the suspects, all the clues, the murder victim, evidence table, and all the known info will be put up on a large whiteboard, the caution tape, the food, the bottle water, the theme all worked out, the whodunit?

Hosting a murder event shouldn’t be part of the mystery… as you can see there’s a whole lot of stuff to think about and put together as the host.

Hosting A Murder

That’s why you need to hire Father Yule Master Detective John Rakestraw to help you with your Murder Mystery Events. Together we can answers all those questions above and make your event brilliant!

Planning your murder mystery party

Fund Raising And Murder Mystery Events… they can work together!

Click here to learn more… about the mysteries!

Hire us for your next party, event, social gathering and have a killer time solving a mystery!

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