How Much to Hire Santa

How Much to Hire Santa

How Much to hire Santa for your party?

My Father Yule Home visits and Video Chats rates make your Holiday Season a gift that will be remembered for years to come. Those memories are priceless…

The big question is always How Much to Hire Santa John?

Father Yule, John Rakestraw, loves to meet and talk with Santa believers of all ages, from 1 to 92! Here’s some brilliant ways to have a fun, joyful, and a memorable Holiday Season… or a birthday anytime of the year, maybe a surprise visit from Santa for a job well done. I’m available all year long for those believers out there.

I also do weddings, handfastings, the marriage broom rites and celebrations of life… comings and goings.

My Rates for my brilliant “LIVE” Video chats – $3.00 to $46.00.

My Magickal Home Visits can turn most non-believers into believing in Santa all over again.

A home visit ranges from $150 to $290 for a Christmas Day – Ultimate Santa Claus Visit.

How Much to Hire Santa? What’s it cost to see Santa? The price of a Santa visit?

My prices are from $3.00 to $300 to have Santa a part of your Holidays.

Don’t forget that Santa John loves to have pictures with your pets too!

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