I Need to Hire a Santa Claus Where Do I Look

I Need to Hire a Santa Claus Where Do I Look

I Need to Hire a Santa Claus Where Do I Look?

My first answer to that question would be, “Right here, I’m for hire as Santa!” But you most likely want more info about hiring that jolly old Elf… right?

’Tis the season to be jolly, and no one does jolly better then old Father Yule himself. Thinking of upping the “ho-ho-ho” factor at your holiday party this year? Here’s how to hire that jolly old Elf…

Consider Your Wants and Expectations

We all have many differing notions about what Santa should look like. Should Santa have a real beard? Are we looking for a modern Santa, an old-school Father Christmas or that Coke Cola Santa we have seen for years? Does Santa need to be a certain age?

It’s important to decide how you care for Santa to be at your Holiday event. Is he there to have children sit on his lap and collect Christmas wishes? Would you like a storytelling Santa? Will he be posing for pictures? Be doing a sing-along of popular carols? Remember, Some Father Christmas’ are better at certain activities than others.

Find the Ideal Santa

Professional Santas are available across the U.S., both independently and through talent agencies. Check out their online profiles — and don’t hesitate to ask questions (see our suggestions below).

Holiday-hiring sites like GigMasters.com often have helpful client feedback and reviews

Ask Questions

Talking to your potential Santa Claus, either on the phone or in person, should give you a sense of what he’s like. Helpful questions include:

  • What does Santa offer as part of his appearance (singing, storytelling, etc.)?
  • How long does each appearance last?
  • Can Santa stay longer than the contracted time, if circumstances warrant it?
  • What is his base rate? Is there an additional charge for a visit that runs beyond the contracted time?
  • Do a Background Check

As with any holiday event, it’s best to book your Santa as early as possible. If you haven’t taken action yet, start today. There’s still time to find the perfect Father Yule/Santa/Father Christmas for your party.

Also remember that Santa is available all year long, but only if you book him early.

Happy Holidays! *<|;-}])>

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