Imbolc Solitary Rite

Imbolc solitary rite

Imbolc solitary rite made simple and easy…

Imbolc or Imbolg, also called Brigid’s Day, is a Gaelic festival marking the beginning of spring. Most commonly it is held on beginning of February, or about halfway between the winter solstice and the spring equinox. This is also knowing as the lambing season (when sheep start giving birth to their cute little lambs.)

This is a short and sweet Imbolc solitary rite to do. There are longer and better one’s out there if your looking for the whole ball of wax. Remember with all earth magic and rites it’s your intent that matters the most. Be of good and clean heart in all you do…

Imbolc Solitary Rite Purifications

Go to the center of the area or the table for your rites and grab from the ground or from a bowl of mud, make sure the mud is from your local area, put it upon your forehead and wrists, or toss upon the ground a handful of seeds, dirt or salt, saying “Upon the firm and life giving land I stand.”

Then take some salt water, walk the boundary of your space sprinkling it and say “The sea surrounds me, separating the wild from the tame.”

Third, light a stick of incense or a smudge stick and wave it in an arc over your head, saying “Above me the sky, realm of order and of wonder, that shall not fall as long as time endures.”

Consecrating the Shrine

Pour fresh clean pure water into a bowl, which will be your well… saying:

“By the Goddesses of Waters
By the Gods of Waters
By the Powers Under the Earth
I give thanks for the Waters of the Well.
Let this vessel be as the Triple Well of Blessing in this Sacred Grove of Druidry.”

Light the Fire (Seven candles, in red and white (tealights are perfect for this, or even the one’s with batteries we have today) saying:

“I kindle this Fire
To be a Flame of Magic
To be a Flame of Claiming
To be a Flame of Inspiration
To be a Flame of love that will always grow
To be a Flame of wisdom and inspiration will always grow
To be a Flame that brings the light and makes new life
To be a Flame of hearth, blaze of the sun

To welcome the Gods and Spirits to this Sacred Grove of Druidry.”

“Brigit I invoke this day,
In the high places and the low,
Beside the hearth fire and at the sacred well.
The gentle queen I call to her.
Let us greet her, we who know her blessings.
Come weaver and poet,
Come brewer and baker,
Come mother and healer,
Come blacksmith and wordsmith,
Beekeeper and hearth-keeper.
Brigit I invoke this day!”

Walk around the ritual space three times, clockwise.


Thanking the deity of the occasion:

“Brigit that I have welcomed this day, to my hearth, to my home, to my life. May she go from here refreshed and made more joyous, as her blessing has renewed and uplifted me! Blessed be!”

Thanking the kindreds:
“You shining ones, nature spirits and ancestors, I thank you for your presence in this rite and in my life! As I return to ordinary time and the daily world, your blessings travel with me. So to, let my blessings and love go with you. Blessed be!”

Thanking the Outsiders:
“Outsiders, you whose ways are not ours, I thank you for your forbearance. Without you there would be no change, yet in this moment, your absence was as welcome as once your presence was needed! Blessed be!”

Thanking the Earth Mother:
“Earth mother, I do not leave you, nor do you go from here, but as this rite comes to a close, once again I thank you for giving firm foundation to this hearth, for providing sustenance and life, that your child can give you love and honor. Earth mother, Blessed be!”

Closing the portals:
“Here have we met, gods and spirits, ancestors and I. But now the sacred well becomes once again a simple bowl of water, the ancient bonfire once again a candle, and this tree may no longer touch the very arch of the heavens nor its roots be those which hold the worlds in their embrace. Blessed be!”

Ending statement:
“By Land, Sea and Sky, By Fire, Well and Tree
I end this rite.
I go forth with blessing, to bless the world in turn.
Blessed be”

Have a blessed Imbolc Solitary Rite.

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