Interview with Annie Perkins, Storyteller Mark Lewis and host John Rakestraw

Got this great email the day after Christmas…

“My daughter [, Annie Perkins,] has a class that requires her to interview and job shadow someone that has a profession that interests her. YOU’RE IT, FRIEND! You and [ Storyteller ] Mark Lewis are the only people we know that have jobs that interests her. Would you be up for this? if so, could we do it soon?”

I did two better… I got Mark Lewis to join us for a afternoon of creativity and how we make a living at our dream jobs.

Annie is this truly talented High School student who wanted a moment to interview Mark and me, John Rakestraw. We meet at the Valley River Inn’s Lobby, right by the warm and inviting fireplace and talked.

Here’s a video of an hour of this magical time we all spent together.

Just to be on the record… I got a delicious quart jar of homemade pickles from Annie’s wonderful parents, Kim & Mark Perkins. They are the best in the world!

Mark Lewis gifted me a DVD of his magical storytelling… “Word Picture with Mark Lewis.”

You can find Mark Lewis on the web at:

You can also copy [ Mark Lewis, Storyteller ] and paste it in Google Search to find many wonderful links, many pictures of this gifted and talented performer.

Annie Perkins has a great YouTube Channel:

I want to thank my son Ian Rakestraw, his YouTube Channel:, who did the filming for us. It not easy keeping all of us in the video frame.


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